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Virginia – It’s A TRAP!

Those who see a multitude of downsides with almost no up-side chance are doing our best to warn off the patriots who are blinded by the HOO-RAH chanting that surrounds them.

Virginians have the momentum. The county-by-county victories ARE GREAT. Do not walk into their Pig Trap, run off their Buffalo Jump or whatever other metaphor clues you in to what January 20th in Richmond is likely to be.

I am sharing links, text, comments here from sharp people who helped me step back from the HOO-RAH din to see the looming disaster.

Be the Indian not the Buffalo- Bracken


I share the complete text below, complete with test of your “Pig Latin”.
From the Raconteur Report
by Aesop
(who is saying the exact same thing as Matt Bracken. 😉 )

– Ted –

Ouyay An’tcay Ixfay Upidstay


I’ve attempted, earnestly, logically, and at length, to point out the 57 ways Richmond is liable to turn into a shit show. The Tard Army apparently likes the taste of shit sandwich, so they’re ordering a double-burger. This is why they’re the Tard Army.

Absent, in every reply in opposition, was any actual explanation of the following:

Who’s organizing your goat rodeo?

Why are they doing it differently than every other year before this one?

How effective is it likely to be now that you’ve lost the majority of your entire state government?

If you know it can’t work to any good purpose, why do it?

What is the benefit of threatening your own violence at an alleged “peaceful” rally?

Why walk into a venue where you control nothing, and risk everything, when the best outcome you can hope for is that it doesn’t explode in your faces, to the detriment of your purported cause, and risks injury or even death to your nominal supporters?

Why would you make your most potent national appearance a suicide mission?

Zero answers to any of that have been given, because to focus on the obvious foolish, stupid, and borderline insane mission would be to admit that it’s all that and a bag of chips, on even the most cursory examination.

When it blows up, with a greater than 75% likelihood, you will change minds.
You’ll get all the uncommitted Norm the Normies to go from wishy-washy unsure, to dead-set against you, and lose your state forever, and the argument from here on out.

Your “sanctuary” counties will start to slip back the other way.

Uncommitted people who’d have sided with you when you seemed grassroots sensible, will see you as nutroots deranged and dangerous.

Well played: Fucktards.

But let’s be fair: some of your aren’t fucktards at all. You’re doing exactly what your Soros- and three-letter-agency-funded handlers hired you to do. Those folks will miraculously be nowhere handy when it goes pear-shaped. And then, some of you will actually want to follow them next time, because they’ve BTDT and got the T-shirt. Google: controlled opposition, will ya, FFS? Sweet suffering Shiva, the FBI was doing this in the 1960s. They wrote the gorram manual on it. You could look it up!

And so, because the Bubbas nominally running this aren’t any brighter than the buffaloes in a buffalo jump, they will merrily and cluelessly run you all right over the cliff. But they’ll pay their rent for another month or two. Their subsequent legal bills, not so much.

Some jackhole accused me of profiting from warning you to try more logical and sensible resistance. I write no books, sell no ads, and make not a dime or anything else from putting out more smarts in the last week than some of you could gather if you doubled your IQ every day for a year. It’s purely pro bono work, in this case casting pearls before swine. Fortunately that’s a miniscule fraction of who reads this blog, but those of you who own it, go big and loud.

Stampede on, fucktards. What I will get is laughs, tinged with a minimum of sadness, when this almost inevitably does nothing, and far more likely explodes in your faces, as you jump up and down on it. Darwin will have his culls.

Here’s the all-time classic example of what happens when Useful Idiots toting guns show up to do something they know nothing about:

Go, Tard Army! Keep working on this! It’s coming loose…!

I’ve laid out two options here. I’m nine states away, amazed that a population that nailed down 90+% of their state now wants to set themselves on fire in public rather than calling a time out, and stopping this rush off the cliff, but you’re the ones who’ll live (and perhaps die) doing stupid things to no good purpose. And the ones who’ll live under the consequences of the Second Pickett’s Charge. It’s no skin off my ass if you’re suicidal, and wish your entire lives to be useful mainly just as a cautionary warning to brighter people elsewhere. (Like Malheur was.) As you will. But you get to choose, and you get to own that choice. ROWYBS.

But every day you gallop another league closer to the cliff, and the calendar’s pages flip relentlessly, and the only thing you’ll provide for me and a dozen other bloggers asking you to stop thinking with your big heads instead of your little ones is a punchline the next twenty times I need one, for how not to be dumber than a bag of rocks.

IQ is destiny.
Yours isn’t looking very promising.


{Common sense and logic in reply is always welcome, exceedingly rare though it is.
Dick-measuring replies in Comments will be deleted into the ether, or scathingly mocked, solely at my whim. Enjoy your brief ejaculatory spurt of internet glory. I especially love it when really tiny-minded cretins accuse me or anyone else of doing nothing but typing, by doing nothing but typing.}



Phil said…

I have two words for these short sighted individuals.
Pig Trap.

Aesop said…

Good point, Phil.

Maybe I should have written this in Pig Latin.
I’ll change the title, anyways. Maybe someone will catch on.

Old NFO said…

Sadly true. And I hate to see it, because I know a number of the VCDL folks. They are good people.

15Fixer said…

I had been in favor of JUST the VCDL people that have been doing “Lobby Day” in the past, continue their program as in the past. No one from outside of Virginia; no armaments of any type, just briefcases or folders; just VCDL people that have worked with each other for years. But the more I consider the complete single-mindedness of the DemonRats who now think they have the mandate to ram through their agenda, I have to encourage a complete embargo of “Lobby Day.” Call it off maybe 2 days before and let just the Antifa crowd with their handlers show up (what if they gave a war and nobody came) and beat on each other. Rats going cannibal. Their is NO reasoning with demonrats. There is NO compromise, no common ground, no shared customs, courtesies, or beliefs. It’s their way or the highway. So….no “Lobby Day” because it just is not a winnable fight. It is not winnable ground. (Enter your Sun Tzu maxims here) Richmond is a lost cause, but Virginia is not. jm2c

Anonymous said…

Telling them what you plan on doing then attacking in a straight line across an open field, really? Like Dirty Harry”s partner looking at the back end of a shoulder fired rocket. Wow! Pray for hearts and minds to be open to the truth, that the lies and liars continue to be exposed. Patience is a virtue!

Anonymous said…

I pray this doesn’t end like it certainly looks like it’s going to. I can’t see any upside whatsoever for the good guys.

Groman said…

As Ol’ Remus has stated; stay away from crowds.

Anonymous said…

Gotta say, all I can do now is “HOPE” it’s not a train wreck and we all know ( most of us anyway) that hope is not a course of action. I’d be delighted if the whole thing were called off, but I don’t think it will be. If the pig trap turns out to be set up the way you and Bracken describe the only smart thing is to come about and sail away IF you can. Sorry to mix metaphors.
People always carried on Lobby Day and if such were to be prohibited that would be enough of an indicator
Boat Guy

Anonymous said…

Flip the smart thing to do would be to allow the VCDL crew that normally shows up and lobby day with slightly larger ranks than usual to least have their appearance noted. But have demonstrations in all the local sanctuary counties on the same day at the same time that would be the best in my opinion..

Anonymous said…

Why does everybody seem to THINK this Buffalo Jump will not become a NATIONAL Anti-Gun, Anti-Militia, Anti-Patriot Problem like the raid on Harpers Ferry?

Well Played on NATIONAL MEDIA (mouth of the Democrats eh?) almost every Joe 6 pack will SEE that Patriots-Militia are DANGEROUS CRAZIES Not to be trusted with Guns….. What a SUCCESS for the Deep State and their face people the Socialist-Democrats.

Governor Blackface irritated a ZIT until it’s good and PROUD and now the lancing (popping for non-medical folks).

Clearly the Government is WELL Aware of this event, very public knowledge and their lackey’s postings on this list SUPPORTING this Buffalo Jump seems to indicate THEY ARE LOOKING FORWARD TO IT.

Nothing like ID’ing every semi-serious troublemaker in Virginia eh? If not for elimination today but for the future ID of OTHER Troublemakers via the Cell Phone Net works our daily lives create.

Praying for our Republic

15Fixer said…

Aesop, this article from Free North Carolina has some information and event updates. Scary…..

Matt Bracken said…

Thanks, Aesop, for trying to head off this predictable catastrophe in Richmond.

To know just how bad it is, here in a video linked at Bearing Arms, somebody named Cam Edwards interviews Phillip Van Cleave, boss genius of the VCDL Buffalo Jump Brigade. It’s worth a listen, you can scroll past the most boring parts. In it, PVC says he thinks that 100 buses and more than 100K 2A supporters will head to the Virginia Capitol on Jan 20.

>>VA Dems Declare State Capitol A Gun-Free Zone
Posted at 3:06 pm on January 10, 2020 by Cam Edwards

This brainiac advises that it might not be a good day for open carry, so concealed pistols will be a better choice.

My reaction: concealed pistols like the bikers had at Twin Peaks restaurant in Waco TX, when the U/C SWAT snipers opened up on them? Result: nine dead bikers, mostly from police sniper head shots, 20 badly wounded, 177 bikers arrested, all held on million dollar bail, jailed and bankrupted.

But I’m sure it’ll turn out a lot better when 10-100K (many armed) angry citizens attempt to storm the Richmond Kill Box, overwatched by VSP, FBI and ATF snipers on top of every building.
The Richmond Kill Box:

For anybody interested, who missed it, I wrote about this at American Partisan a few days ago, title “Richmond: The Mother Of All Buffalo Jumps”

Pickett’s Charge 2 is right.