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Virginia temperature report

Boom-boom-boom, both sides are firming their stances. The trajectory is not pretty, and is likely to draw a crowd into the maelstrom. I have several links and clips to share, but first…

Any act repugnant to the Constitution is null and void.

Any official acts contrary to the law of the land are treasonous…

punishable by hanging.

That won’t stop the Democrat majorities in both houses from enacting them, the Democrat Governor from signing them into psuedo-law, nor officials from initiating dangerous enforcement actions against the people of Virginia.

I STRONGLY URGE you to read to the bottom and watch my closing video. It is up to date and lays out just how serious this is shaping up to be.


Trump Team: Please prevent the UN from invading the USofA, Virginia in particular at this moment. Do not let this thing blow up. Peaceful resolution is possible if you act soon enough. By January 20th, all bets are off.

Virginia Patriots: Act before the legislative acts have the cover of fake law. It will cost a whole lot less, and the expenses will go to the deserving rather than the victims and the ignorant enforcers.

All y’all: The moment the legislators vote against the people is the last possible moment to move on the perpetrators – lemme spell it out for y’all:

Do not wait and lose a bunch of wonderful, courageous patriots and community servants in needless conflict… I could take or leave the knuckle-dragging enforcers.

The mass shooting that did not take place in a Texas church on December 29th is, to the disarmers, a very unsettling event. Awesome good fortune that a skilled pistoleer was in the right place at the right time with his head, heart and hands doing the lord’s work.

The parasitic politicians and lamestream media today are critical of defenders who would take guns to church. They stand before us naked in their stupidity. You can bet your bottom dollar that had the defense team not been armed and ready, the mass shooting would have fed the news cycle from the 29th through the Virginia governor’s Declaration Of War on Virgnians.

While the usual suspects are extremely antagonistically vocal, the NRA is rather silent – removing all doubt that they do not represent the self-defense community. The leadership spent too much time in the DC Swamp.

Here is a ten minute Bit Chute video giving a good overview of what both sides are up to, with the obvious conclusions of who is in the right. Virginia 2A Update: Capitol Gun Ban, AG Responds

The following article is short and to the point.
I link to it, but quote its entirety to save you the trip.

The Raconteur Report:
No Quarter

Two real choices, Jackboots:
1) Change sides.
2) Stand down, and refuse to obey unlawful orders.

Any other options?
3) Expect early activation of your Servicemen’s Group Life Insurance benefit plan.
4) Become a posthumous supply point for domestic partisans.

And bear well in mind that the “Just following orders” Defense lost any cachet or effectiveness it had right around 1946, in Nuremburg.
The sentence for war crimes in failed subjugation attempts usually begins and ends with rump trials up against a wall, and the finer points of law tend to get lost in the gunsmoke.

Are the summer soldiers of the Notional Guard and the wannabee sturmtruppen of the state police really willing to establish VA as the first banana republic north of the Rio Grande, and put the rest of their lives on the line for people who can’t figure out how many genders there are?

The comments section following the above article are interesting (40 of them)
The Raconteur Report comments

The Hal Turner Radio Show had this article mid-December:

Here is Big Deal news from The Organic Prepper:
The UN Is Hiring English-Speaking DISARMAMENT OFFICERS in New York

The censorship, book-burning gene is alive and well in the ruling class. They sent a warning to the publishers of Law Enforcement Today:
Warning to LET: “Stop reporting on Virginia militia or your editors will be charged as felons.”

Proving his grasp on the law of the land to be at best tenuous is this bit I partially quote here:

Virginia Attorney General Mark Herring (D) released an opinion warning Second Amendment Sanctuary counties and municipalities that new gun controls “will be enforced.”

His opinion comes as at least 86 of Virginia’s 95 counties, and numerous cities too, have declared themselves to be Second Amendment Sanctuaries.

In all, over 100 local governments in Virginia have declared Second Amendment Sanctuary status.

Moreover, Culpeper Count Sheriff Scott Jenkins has made clear he is ready to “deputize thousands” to fight in defense of gun rights… more at Breitbart…

By the way, I do not believe The Trump Team will let Virginia’s ruling Democrats light this powder keg. The Constitution applies to them as well as the rest of the country.

I also do not imagine the current USofA administration welcoming UN troop action in our country at this time.

That is enough for now. I will continue to pay attention. I share a great video summing this up by a Virginian presenting to her county government.

I saved the best for last

Watch this video from American Joe’s Bit Chute channel. Go there to see if there is anything newer using the link below.
??? RED ALERT: Virginia – Brand New Intel – Opposition Groups – Share This
My copy of it is embeded right here for insurance that it won’t be ‘disappeared’, and for your convenience. This is very important information on groups with widely varied agendas all converging on Virginia January 20th.

Tinderbox … powder keg … false flag … civil war …
The possibilities are varied and extreme.

��� RED ALERT Virginia – Brand New Intel – Opposition Gro from Ted Dunlap on Vimeo.