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Democrats, “lots of free stuff”

The race to give away the most stuff

Why sweat and toil when our gracious politicians can give you whatever you want?

It is as simple as picking the right ones while we are in the voting booths.

Well, you kind-of have to want what they have to offer. That usually turns out to be plenty for a while, but kind-of tapers off in unfortunate short order.

I share another meme-based post from my topical collection. Their sales pitch is not new except to the indoctrinated and ignorant. Expect traditional results if they win.

Speaking of the indoctrinated, the controllers of the secondary school system have abandoned higher education in exchange for molding minds to their liking. Early escape is one of the few ways out of their matrix.

The universities of my 20s fought The State to be bastions of free speech. Today students, faculty and The State are united against both free speech and exceptional thinking.


A hundred years ago one of the most productive cultures on Earth bought the same siren song. It almost worked for them, becoming an incredible powerhouse … with an immediate cost to liberty, free expression, creativity, and a long-term destruction by outside forces.

This post is a very close relative of my December 29th Socialism explained. I won’t repeat all that here, but review it if you think I left something out.