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the red/blue color code

The monolith that is mainstream media chose to reverse the red color coding that had previously indicated socialist and communist regimes. It happened quickly with all of them simultaneously adopting red for coloring Democrat Party victories on their bar, pie and mapping charts and blue for the Republican.

From that election coverage forward, they pushed the phrase “Red State” and “Red Voters” to indicate Republican and “Blue” for Democrats.

I have disliked it so much I refused to adopt.

That may have changed early this morning. I woke up from a dream thinking about the Matrix movie. It is one of those where the rulers allowed truth to be shown. It amuses them to do so from time to time, knowing that hidden in plain sight very few will recognize the reality of it.

The Few know we took The Red Pill.


I can now accept the color code.


Completely out of context, but here is four minutes from the heart of the movie MATRIX where the the red pill and blue pill became part of our lexicon.