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Socialism explained

In this primarily photo, graphic, poster-centric post I am focusing on declared socialism and how it works when applied in the real world.

This results-based view is quite unlike the academic socialism that sounds so good in theory to youngsters still in school expounded by adults who never left academic circles for productive, competitive life.

Failure is not occasionally, or even usually.


There are reasons that this country was established as a Constitutional Republic rather than any other of the governmental organizations that were known in 1780.

Just as there are reasons subversives took over politicas, education and media to uniformly push the idea that this country is a “democracy” and that “spreading democracy” throughout the world is a valuable and worthwhile concept.

Socialism has been completely destroyed as a desirable system in western thought. Thus it needs some disguising to achieve acceptance. However, calling it by any name whatsoever does not change the program.

Animal instinct is to get the most value for the least effort. As the line waiting for FREE STUFF grows there are shrinking numbers of people creating THINGS or value. Without costs to the consumers, wants grow with few limits.

The remaining producers have to supply more and more to meet increasing demand. Production plummets, supply shrinks while unrestricted wants just grow and grow.

Meanwhile, SOME worm their way into position to govern, control, allocate and direct both supply and demand. They serve themselves first and foremost… after all, there are castles that need occupants and caviar to be eaten by someone.

These folks always get the best and the last servings of anything desirable. One step down are the apologists who explain why the rulers must rule. Just below that are the enforcers keeping the elites protected and powerful.

As for the rest …
let them eat cake