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Fake First Family – part 2

Yesterday I out-ed the Obamination himself. Today I expose the other half of this fantastic scam that was, for way too many people, The USofA First Family.

I admit to being disgusted during the entire 8 years. I saw it all. Well, that’s impossible, but I certainly saw enough of the lies to be horrified that this deceit could be perpetrated on us and that the perps could get away with it. This was not condemnation of the instigators nearly so much as much as disappointment in the sheep for accepting the whole dang show.

Not their fault, Ted. The Deep State spent a century pulling this all together. Pretty clever from Department of un-Education to FCC-controlled media monopoly, complimenting the lying politicians into a complete package.

Yesterday I covered the fake persona package that pretended to be President Obama. Before I get very far into the other parts of what many called “The First Family” for 8 years, I want to make clear that I really do not care who they had sex with and how. Not my business… and totally not interested in even visualizing it.


They were pretending to be a man, a woman and two children of that coupling as The USofA First Family for eight years. We the people of this country as well as the rest of the world deserve to have that be true..
But it was not!

The Deep State coverup did not focus on hiding the truth world-wide. Thus “Muricuns” were the world’s laughing stock. I should be grateful that we were exposed as completely ignorant of what our rulers were doing, because their slaughter of innocents, rampant bombing, and propping up of psychopathic rulers oppressed and murdered millions of people world-wide.

Who was Barak Obama’s “wife”? and who were their “children”?

I have to show most of this with photographs.

Descriptions fall far short. (A picture being worth 1,000 words)

Please understand that I am doing my best to show relevant photos.

There are A TON of them out there if you go looking for yourself.

early photo of Barry and Mike together

I think what I have pulled together here should suffice.

I reiterate, I really do not care who has sex with whom and how.

However, The President of The United States Of American should be rather transparent, honest and honorable. We suffered through eight years with NONE OF THE ABOVE.

Currently we have a flaming-gay guy running for the Democratic Presidential Nomination. But Buttigieg is open about it from the beginning. If the USofA wants to elect a gay they have that choice – honestly.

Mike arranging his junk

The Obamination was just not that.
At all.
At any time.
On any subject.

Adult Content Warning!

We move into turf about the “First Lady’s” qualifications as a transvestite.

I’m sorry to go there, but the truth will not be served without this foray.

Why is it called “Adam’s Apple”?

From January 2009 through January 2017, the “First Lady” was a man dressing, shall we say, unusually?

Was Barak so dang important to the health of this country that this homosexual charade had to be played and covered up so he could keep his gay lover?

Was it important that we accept trannies in The White House?

I doubt we will ever know WHY.

But we deserve to share WHAT happened.

Mike and Barry were gay lovers. Nobody cared. Nobody should care. It should not matter.

But the voters in the election for President of The United States Of America deserve to know A LOT about every candidate, and The Free Press has a serious job to do keeping us informed.

None of that happened in 2008.

It is not as if I have access to exceptional information. You have the same access and “the free press” has a whole lot more. To miss what I share here is not accidental or ignorance. It is complicit to criminal acts.

By the way, for every photograph on this subject that I show you here I have omitted and deleted several others that were similar.

If there is any doubt in your mind regarding the bits I’m showing you, use an un-censored search engine like DuckDuckGo and look around for yourself.


The images get worse.

Why d’ya suppose Barry’s lover was called “Big Mike”?

He was not visibly built like a front-line football player. There had to be something else there… and apparently was… hung like a donkey.

In this day of software manipulation of photos and videos, nothing is fershur,
but I believe these images are the real thing. They fit together with all the other evidence.

I don’t care if some other country wants to elect a tranny as President, but I sure hope that is not the country I’m living in. The fundamental fiction may be okay for inconsequential people on the street, but we do deserve better among those pretending to represent us.

I mention that only because some people put Michelle Obama’s name out there as a possible POTUS. On What Qualifications, I ask????

2 Ferraris and a dump truck

one of these is not like the others

Big Mike dancing

Well, gee, they had two daughters. Explain that one, Ted.

You’re on.

In recent news, Malia has been busted selling trinkets she stole from The White House. That saddens, rather than angers me.

Imagine your parents giving you up at an early age to live a lie. You have to act out this role from pre-teen to well into your twenties. You are surrounded by people who do not even remotely resemble their public personnas. The world is a fiction, as far as you can tell.

What would that do to a normal growing child?

What does it do to a country?