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I am definitely not talking about four or more additional years of mind numbing government school indoctrination. We all need to encourage our youth to begin using their heads as early as they begin showing fascination in different areas, or expressing interesting ideas of their own.

We must enable them to follow their passions. Pursue their innovations. Create value. Apprentice with intriguing craftsmen.

For dang-sure, we do NOT want them wasting four years in a completely dumbed-down university system with no employment possibilities for the uber-expensive degrees offered.

I’m not bothering to include the links today, but the ‘hard sciences’ have been eviscerated by Newspeak. There are no solids in the secondary education system today. The whole dang thing is squishy and useless.

I am from a generation that learned to work for pay at an early age. We understood the relationship between producing useful stuff and getting paid with useful tender. It is only lost because the global re-engineers wanted it gone. Parents and grandparents can turn that around … OR Socialism’s 100% failure rate will teach the little ones the hard way.

The adults in the room can kick the can down the road a ways, but eventually reality takes over. The spoiled kids have to find something others are willing to hire them to do, and that ain’t a doctorate in Gender Studies … or what we called “basket-weaving” in my generation.

I am the guy who can build stuff, repair stuff, invent stuff, create stuff. I have no peers who are in their teens and twenties. In my mind that does not make me special, it reflects entirely on the inferiority of the culture they have accepted.

They choose to be what they are. Not completely, however. Their parents sent them into this hell through their own unthinking laziness.

A step up from that, the Bilderberg Globalists destroyed the nuclear family specifically so that generational wisdom could not be passed on. The old guys saw this play out before. We know how it will work.

The college-dis-educated are so much smarter than us that they are doomed. I suppose it has always been so. Those refusing to learn from history are doomed to repeat it.

What inspired this post was a list of Montana Trade Schools. There are thousands of them worldwide. All it takes is THINKING to get out of the rut they would have you in.

We must encourage the innovators to innovate, but those who are attracted to working for others should be guided to useful trades that carry some interest for them. Flippin’ burgers with a $100,000 degree in feminism is NUTZ.

Vocational Trade
Schools in Montana