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Pocahontas Warren

The Donald Trump Team nailed her. I’m sure it was known by the team cadre when The Donald publicly challenged her to take and publish the results of a DNA test. I am amazed that she did it rather than invent some dodge.

She announced that she is 1/1024th Native American. In case the decimal equvalent makes more sense to you, that is 0.00098 Native American and 0.99902 NOT.

Darn near any of us are more than that. Yet she milked her ‘indian heritage’ for most of her life… playing the minority card for fun and profit during her years as a disadvantaged college student, BAR applicant, overpaid professor of native culture, and finally political fat cat.

She is not only a pathological liar, but also has the audacity to run for President. Holey Smokes, could we possibly do worse? Oh yeah, I forgot the Obamas and Clintons…. I’ll be getting to them soon.