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weekend at Bernie’s

Sanders has not held an honest job in his life, yet he has four homes each of which only a handful of his constituents could afford.

He advocates total Socialism … oh, except that he houses nobody but himself in these homes. His socialism uses your money to house the poor, the hungry, the homeless … and himself high on the hog in various parts of the country.

That is precisely socialism’s legacy: everyone is equally impoverished EXCEPT for the ruling elite who don’t have to be clever, productive or useful – just part of the IN crowd.

With a couple of socialist countries completely collapsing in the last few years, anyone caring to look can see in modern times how it always ends. Particularly appropriate that he took a photo op in front of empty store shelves … the hallmark result of his favorite policies with Venezuela as the current poster child.

3 of Bernie’s homes

He could be satisfied to live out his senile years in extraordinary wealth, but NOOOO … he has to amass even more and try for the ultimate skim position when done the way BushBush, Clinton, Obama and others have played it.

Bernie’s new lakeside home

Bernie’s summer home

Bernie’s Vermont home