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Creepy Joe

Unfortunately, the nickname is not only wildly popular, it fits Joe Biden like a condom, I mean glove. Sorry – it slipped out.

His public persona is so incredibly sick that one can only imagine what he does when nobody is watching.
Actually, I wish I could not imagine it, but I read too much; I see too much.

These things will come out. The current administration has removed the protective shield from the pedophiles at both high and low levels. The exposures coming in the next year will be indecent in the extreme.

Creepy Joe will be as damned as any of them.

Then there is his son Hunter tossed out of the Navy in his first few months for cocaine use … born with a silver spoon in his mouth, but he moved it to his nose.

Magically, ner-do-well Hunter turned out to be the best man for the job of being on the Ukrainian energy monopoly’s Board of Directors. Not a single Ukranian had his … uh… genius … business acumen … understanding of energy markets … OR CONNECTIONS.

Money flowed from the USofA public through The Swamp to the Ukraine energy company, then to the sons of four top USofA politicians along with some Ukrainian elites. Tidy package that is unraveling now only because Hitlary lost the election.

That trail of bribes and corruption along with the sexual deviancy will be quite apparent very soon. He will be welcome in Guantanamo, but nowhere else I know of.