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Time magazine is dying for good reason… Hitler, Obama, Thunberg have been among their illuminaries. This most recent one is solely a product of lamestream media. She has nothing else going on for her.

Amazon loggers sent a great message to the Greta-the-genius psy-op. You have to see the picture they drew with their chainsaws on behalf of her fantastic environmental wisdom.

Loggers Carved ‘How Dare You’ Into The Forest While Cutting Down Trees For Time Magazine’s Person Of The Year Issue. The beauty of it is that the pro-Greta media happily features the photo.

Swedish climate change activist Greta Thunberg has been named Time Magazine’s Person of the Year, in an epic clap back against climate change deniers, who are dumb.

But this created a problem since a lot of people pointed out that the magazine has to cut down trees to praise Thunberg. Don’t worry, though: loggers tasked with cutting down trees for the issue carved the Amazon rainforest into a beautiful message. They carved swathes of forest down into Greta Thunberg’s face and the words “How Dare You.” The epic answer to Thunberg’s critics is visible from space.

Unfortunately, they cut down way more trees than needed for Time’s waning readership. But it was worth it to send this powerful message to the patriarchy, white supremacists, Donald Trump, and capitalists. Oh, yeah, and to communicate the climate change thing.