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the losers appear to be losing

After decades of shooting the messengers, the message seems to be slipping through their nets. We have been hearing “Drain the Swamp” rhetoric since late 2016. While many were hopeful, just about as many have despaired of real action taking place.

Q promised it might take time, but was going to happen … “Trust The Plan”. Three years without significant visible perp walks is a long time to hold our breath.

The Good News is that this may be starting.

– Ted –

A great week for Trump so far, and it’s barely Wednesday

What an incredible week so far, and Wednesday is only just beginning.  Monday saw the release of the Horowitz report that completely demolished the Steele dossier and the upper echelon of the FBI.  Having done that, it left the entire Russian hoax in smoking ruins.  Then, Tuesday morning, we saw laughably grim-faced Pelosi and Nadler announce the articles of impeachment they hope to bring against the president.  The articles have about as much meat on them as year-old cow bones in Death Valley.

Then we segue to Hershey Giant Arena for the president’s rally last night.  It’s a shame there is not an arena that holds 500,000 people, because he would fill it.  The place was packed with red hats and Trump signs.

Watching President Trump speak to America, I couldn’t help but think about the difference between our president and the Pelosicrats this morning.  President Trump spoke about a great America.  He spoke about a great country getting better.  He spoke about opportunity.  He spoke about progress.  He was exciting.  He was animated.  The crowd loved him.  The crowd loved America. 

What did the Pelosiites blabber about Tuesday morning?  Solemn pronunciations that no one is above the law, no one — except the 20 million illegal aliens, Hunter Biden, top FBI officials, most of Obama’s administration, and the famous Bill and Hill team.  Indeed, they were the picture of solemnity, worthy of a funeral home.  But the only thing being buried that I could see is the Democratic Party.

Back to the president’s rally in Hershey.  How much more exciting is it looking at a sea of red MAGA hats on dedicated Americans than a gaggle of stupid knit pussy hats on desperate and deranged women?

Good question from the president — where is the whistleblower?  Where is the whistleblower report that the Democrats were so eager to turn over to Congress?  Has anyone heard the whistleblower mentioned in the last month?  Of course not.  He went the way of a Kavanaugh accuser once the light was turned on him.

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Good golly! Miss Mollie (Hemingway) calls out media scoundrels that enabled spygate

Mollie Hemingway was on fire yesterday as a panelist on Fox News’s Special Report.  She laid out the depths of the fraud that was perpetrated on not just the FISA Court, but the Trump administration and the entire American people.  To borrow a term from the vile Lillian Hellman, it is scoundrel time, and the people who enabled what Hemingway called “the greatest scandal of our generation” must be held to account. 

Her comments are contained in two tweets from the Federalist:

Twitter video screen grab.

Key excerpts:

“One of the most interesting things to come out of this report is that the FBI and the Department of Justice knew by January 2017 that the dossier was complete rubbish. Complete, unadulterated rubbish,” Hemingway said. “We learned this yesterday. For three years departments leaked out information that seemed like they were taking [the dossier] seriously.”

“This is a scandal — the greatest scandal of this generation,” she said. “Whether people want to wipe it away or not, this is serious.” (snip)

“NeverTrump media and liberal media completely disparaged the Nunes memo and completely supported the [opposition Rep. Adam] Schiff memo, and they were utterly humiliated by what came out in this report yesterday,” Hemingway said. “Every single thing in the Nunes memo was shown to be true…meanwhile, things claimed by Schiff that people took seriously…were shown to be false.”

“The dossier was completely disputed. Remember that Adam Schiff read the dossier into the congressional record — hijacked a separate hearing in order to do so,” she said. “There should be consequences for this. And there should be consequences for media that got it wrong as well.”

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