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naval academy shooting

Slick Willy, that paragon of virtue, made it illegal for our military men and women to have firearms where they lived and worked. This was to … uh … I dunno what problem it was solving, but fershur:
when guns are outlawed only outlaws have guns

Mohammed Saeed Alshamrani

And so it goes on military installation after military installation. Gun free zones are FREE FIRE zones for whacked-out haters of our military personel … much like our schools since the DC Swamp banned guns there in 1990. Again, NO problem was solved, but very clearly one was created.

So the latest manifestation of those sins was at the Pensacola Naval Air Station by a man whose ethnic origins, and even his name which might clue in even the most clueless, are forbidden topics for lamestream media. But I am braver than that.

The news story: Saudi Pilot Trainee — Mohammed Alshamrani — Who Went on Shooting Rampage at Pensacola

Now there is this other bit that shows up every time:

Numerous reports about the mass shooting Friday morning at Pensacola Naval Air Station in Florida that left three killed and several wounded have identified the gunman, also reported dead, as Saudi Arabian military pilot trainee — Mohammed Saeed Alshamrani. (NBC News) The reports say federal investigators are looking at terrorism as a motive.

Thousands of people, naked by executive fiat, are being shot at.
Were you scared? Yup.
Were you terrified? Not sure about that.

I can save the federal investigators a whole lot of time and effort…

Fershur SCARE-ER-ISM was a factor.