The Dems’ Lose-Lose Situation

Having forced the nation to endure weeks of himself pretending to be god and trumpeting hearsay testimony as “revelatory,” Adam Schiff has retired to his candlelit study to write in his own carefully drawn blood his “Impeachment Report.”  From there it goes to Nadler, who will concur. 

After that, Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats have a decision to make as to how they will proceed.  And none of their options are good.  Unlike the desperately difficult to find “win-win” situation, they have created for themselves a “lose-lose” proposition.

Democrats find themselves in quite the quandary.  They have been planning Donald Trump’s impeachment since the second Wednesday of November 2016.  The more manipulative among them, those of the “insurance policy,” were taking precautions even before then (Lisa Page’s recent profession of purity of heart notwithstanding).  Yet, despite their solipsistic insistence that they are the “thinking” party, the party of “science,” and of candidates with a thousand plans and ideas, Trump always seemed to have the Democrats flummoxed. 

The day after they took Robert Swan Mueller III away from watching the Weather Channel and propped him up like Elvis Presley’s coat to testify in front of “House Colostomy Bag” Jerrold Lewis Nadler’s committee and he showed himself to be a mere figurehead more interested in what was for lunch than what was in his own report, they rolled out the “new charges, same swamp” faux “whistleblower,” Eric Ciaramella, a nice Italian boy.

They could have shown some humility and let it drop, after having wrongly and relentlessly publicly chased the man for more than three years only to be reduced to claiming that an innocent man screaming, “I’m innocent” was obstructing justice.  Confident that Americans hated Donald Trump, and with the next election less than two years away, they could have concentrated on their jobs — you know, as legislators — but they just couldn’t pull the trigger on doing the right thing. 

Because, despite always calling Republicans, “haters,”  their hatred of Trump was not only their prime but absolute motivation.  Yet, as much as it motivated, it blinded.  They just had to take another shot at the king.  And so, we had the embarrassingly unfair impeachment inquiry.

Even then, after all their plans, all their ideas, all their machinations in designing a made-for-TV pseudo-impeachment where all the rules were stacked against the president and his supporters on the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence, they still failed.  This is Adam Schiff’s committee and it’s important to note that a committee on “intelligence:” is headed by not only a known moron, but a most dangerous of morons, a moron who doesn’t know he’s a moron.  Just as Warren is 1/1024 Native American, Schiff is 1/1024 genius.

Nancy Pelosi, the Democrat House Majority Leader, is decidedly no idiot.  She is an effective Majority Leader, who unlike Republican Majority Leaders, has a unique ability to hold her caucus together when it counts.  Think ObamaCare.

Well, Nancy was trepidatious about impeachment from the get-go.  She knew and said that any impeachment would need to have broad bipartisan and public support.

What changed?

Schiff must have gone to her and told her, “This time, we have got the goods.”  I doubt he mentioned that he and his aides had colluded with Ciaramella and probably even coauthored his overwrought and lawyerly “whistleblower” complaint.  I doubt he told her that no one involved knew for sure what was said on the phone call because no one involved participated in or even heard said call.

Nancy, painfully aware that the Democrat base had been screaming for impeachment for some time, was fooled, and relented.  I’m sure neither her nor Schiff anticipated Trump releasing the transcript of his conversation with Volodomir Zelensky — especially so soon after they initiated the latest iteration of their impeachment hoax. 

It was too late; they had already jumped.

Well, now, it’s either excrete or vacate the commode. 

Their choices are limited:

They can impeach the president and send the matter to trial in the Senate, where chances of success in the Republican-controlled upper chamber are zero.  In addition, having a trial with actual rules giving the president due process will likely boost Trump’s public support, while forcing the 31 Democrats from districts won by Trump in 2016 to go on the record, probably costing some, if not many, their seats.  Perhaps even costing Pelosi her majority and guaranteeing Trump’s reelection.

They can drop impeachment and censure the president.  This will anger her base, who will accept nothing less than impeachment, perhaps convincing many to stay home next November – potentially costing Nancy her gavel and giving Trump four more years.

They can drop the entire thing and live to fight another day as they await the election.  While this is probably their best course of action, it is the one they are least likely to choose because of their aforementioned base and, well… Orange Man Bad.

It should be fun to watch.

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