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A great weekend for a False Flag

This weekend, December 7-8, is a ripe one for a major false flag event to dominate the news. The Deep State desperately needs something huge to cover the devastating effects of the December 9th Inspector General Report release. The skullduggery involved in attempting to take down the Trump team will be laid bare, naming names, dates and actions that will not just shock the slumbering public, but also lead to criminal charges against big name perps.

That will be almost impossible for lamestream media to hide… unless something big … REALLY BIG … I mean
can dominate the news. These folks have a proven track record of being able to do exactly that.

In my November 27th article I shared much of what we can expect next Monday, barring a major distraction: political theater update. The Q/Trump team has a Herculean task on its hands to thwart whatever plan(s) the bad actors come up with to keep the nooses off their necks.

You might take a moment to look at the false flag documents on the right side here under the Bitterroot Bugle permanent pages heading.

Fasten your seat belts, secure your trays, put your seats in an upright position…

Oh yeah, and pay attention.

Download initial reports. Save documentation for when the story changes.