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New Year’s Eve – country boy style

Early to bed. Early to rise. Get a good start on accomplishing useful things next year. coffee roaster at work wineglass holder bookshelf

essential oils, diffusers

I was quite skeptical, but sat through a hour-plus seminar. Because of my questions and responses, my wife was sure I would walk out empty-handed never to look back, yet we took home a book and starter set. My experiences have varied from “I dunno” through interesting and fascinating all the way to “AMAZING!”. That old wise-men story lists gold, frankinsence and myrrh as particularly highly valued gifts. Turns out the latter two are very potent essential oils, among a long list. Diffusing and aromatherapy are just the tip of the iceberg. Infection, congestion, skin problems, tummy problems … There is a lot to be learned and centuries of experience that we are just now re-awakening. I won’t try to […]

Virginia status report

Neither side shows signs of backing down. The bad guys are censoring lamestream media across their state, but The Internet is still The Real Free Press – a lesson we had better keep in mind for future reference. The Virginia map of self-defense respecting counties that have passed gun control sanctuary laws and in many cases formed official county militias. As you will read in the contributed article below, law enforcement and military past and present are joining their countrymen in standing fast against the fascists. An intelligent response would be to publish the names, addresses and other relevant contact information about those who want to murder the peace-loving people of Virginia. Is there something morally superior about waiting until […]

mass shooting today in Fort Worth church

Less graphic than your basic TV or movie fare, but real dang clear on what happened. A thug walked into a church, pulled out a shotgun and started killing Christians. The mass shooting part – well, that was the shooter’s intent, but a concealed carry church goer reacted quickly, accurately and effectively… perhaps with divine accuracy, eh? The second victim of this mass shooting was the mass shooter himself … a third is in critical condition as of the time this report came to me. Thanks to a man taking responsibility for his and his community’s safety, there was no fourth, fifth, sixth… etcetera victim. When seconds count, police are only minutes away. Watch the top of the screen […]

Socialism explained

In this primarily photo, graphic, poster-centric post I am focusing on declared socialism and how it works when applied in the real world. This results-based view is quite unlike the academic socialism that sounds so good in theory to youngsters still in school expounded by adults who never left academic circles for productive, competitive life. Failure is not occasionally, or even usually. It is ALWAYS. There are reasons that this country was established as a Constitutional Republic rather than any other of the governmental organizations that were known in 1780. Just as there are reasons subversives took over politicas, education and media to uniformly push the idea that this country is a “democracy” and that “spreading democracy” throughout the […]

Fake First Family – part 2

Yesterday I out-ed the Obamination himself. Today I expose the other half of this fantastic scam that was, for way too many people, The USofA First Family. I admit to being disgusted during the entire 8 years. I saw it all. Well, that’s impossible, but I certainly saw enough of the lies to be horrified that this deceit could be perpetrated on us and that the perps could get away with it. This was not condemnation of the instigators nearly so much as much as disappointment in the sheep for accepting the whole dang show. Not their fault, Ted. The Deep State spent a century pulling this all together. Pretty clever from Department of un-Education to FCC-controlled media monopoly, complimenting […]

Fake First Family – part 1

I will deliver Part 2 tomorrow. This just got too big for one serving. – Ted The web of deceit was impressive. Though not quite their most intricate work, it does rank near the top. As with many others, they continue to expend resources keeping the truth down. But we have The Internet. As you look over this package I have assembled, imagine the power, complexity and scope of the group that perpetrated this scam. They had millions of choices, yet it had to be Barry at this time … to serve their purposes. So Barack Hussein Obama II it was. But what was it?, he?, they? … and why? Before it began, there was almost no racial, ethnic […]

communicating with cattle

Trombone style comms We sing nature’s tunes.

a view of the terrain

Another of my regular news sources presents a stark look at how the results of war between those who would govern us unmercifully and thow of us who prefer to govern ourselves. The Raconteur Report blog presents a rapidly moving target. I quote the entire article below. If you follow my links to the site you will find current posts that are almost always interesting and educational. You will not find the essay I pasted below. I claim no veteran or tactical expertise in this realm, but I am certainly willing to die on my feet rather than live on my knees. Enough of us feel that way to cause real problems for the ruling elite. I admit that I’m […]

The naughty list was getting out of hand

Someone created this irrestible art. I WAS going to take a day off from socio-political posts. Merry Christmas Ted

Merry Christmas

It is too easy to treat every day just like every other, but I do like to change it up once in a while with a special occasion. This is one I have been around all my life. No longer believing in the Little Town Of Bethlehem story has not diminished it much for me. I like everyone saying, “Merry Christmas”, sharing smiles and goodwill towards all of us. I enjoy sharing a widely understood non-work-day with friends and family. We KNOW nobody is working today. We are not supposed to be productive. Just relax and enjoy the companionship… unless you are the one who feeds the tribe. Hopefully we all do make sure she is having a wonderful day. […]

Forward Observer on Virginia

If you have not subscribed to Forward Observer and studied under him, I encourage you to consider it. He (they) offer a quality and level of training every community should have some of. A click on the link above takes you there. Subscribing brings e-mail dispatches like the one below on a regular basis. In this case, since I believe we all should be watching as the gunfight unfolds in Virginia, I repost it here. However, you really ought to check out the website for yourself. Forward Observer   The Watch Report is a weekly look at political, social, and economic intelligence, and includes early warning and indications of America’s volatile future.   In this Watch Report… InFocus: Outlook on […]

Lying About Inflation ​Won’t Make It Go Away

The Ron Paul Liberty Report is the inside-out view of Congress and how they view us. The two co-hosts discuss run-a-muck spending(I know, amok) by people who do not have to pay for it and show no concern for those who do. How we pay – let me count the ways. Congressman Ron Paul continues his personal mission to make this better understood. His little bit to restore sanity in our used-to-be Free Country.

trends forecast for 2020

I have subscribed for years to Gerald Celente’s Trends Research. They have serious chops in getting history right before it happens. Also high on my watch list is Greg Hunter’s USA Watchdog. I am now watching the best of both worlds as Greg interviews Gerald on a 37 minute video. Here are the current events regarding Democraps, Republicrats, War and Economics. I encourage you to lay back and absorb the world as it is. “The World Is On Fire”. I do recommend listening to the end. There is a positive note. It may not be exactly as you wish, but out of the ashes rises a new, invigorated, vital society. […]