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geoengineers hammering the Oregon coast

Right now the chemtrail/HAARP controllers have created a Pacific Northwest hurricane that is landing on the southern Oregon coast.

Look at this sucker:

You can watch the moving picture with this link, but it will be the most recent two hours, not the same as the screenshot to the right.

Now check out the Weather Service advisories below. A foot of snow, 32-foot waves, 80 mile per hour winds.

That will be felt. What did they do to piss off the deep state???

– Ted –

Alerts in Effect
High Surf Advisory
Issued at 02:53 Tuesday 26 November 2019

* Waves and Surf…Surf heights ranging from 18 to 24 feet north
of Cape Blanco to 25 to 32 feet from Cape Blanco south.

* Timing…From 4PM today to 10 AM Wednesday.

* Impacts…High Surf will cause high wave run ups, storm surge
of several feet, and potential beach erosion. Infrastructure
at Port Orford and Brookings could see damage from the waves.
Stay away from any the ocean and any jetties during this
event. Shock and hypothermia can occur quickly in the cold
Pacific waters.

* View the hazard area in detail at
Less details

Issued by National Weather Service
Winter Weather Advisory
Issued at 11:28 Tuesday 26 November 2019

* WHAT…Moderate to heavy snow expected above 1500 feet. Total
snow accumulations of 2 to 6 inches is generally expected.
However, some of the higher elevation locations could get in
excess of 10 inches of snow. Wind gusts 60 to as high as 80 mph
are possible today.

* WHERE…South Central Oregon Coast and Curry County Coast
Coastal Mountains above 1500 feet.

* WHEN…From 4 PM today to 10 AM PST Wednesday.

* ADDITIONAL DETAILS…Travel will be very difficult to
impossible, at times, during this time period. Strong winds
and heavy snow could create near white-out conditions at
times. Strong winds could also cause downed trees and power

* View the hazard area in detail at
Less details