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finger felonies in middle school

Parents are increasingly pulling their children out of public schools. Homeschooling is blossoming. Private and religious schools are growing. Ridiculous stories from the government schools are exploding. I share a smattering of them here, starting with a current book on the subject, though John Taylor Gatto was warning us about government raising our young over 25 years ago with his activism and book “Dumbing US Down“.

– Ted –

Get Out Now

Should we stay or should we go? Millions of parents with children in public schools can’t believe they’re asking this question. But they are. And you should be asking it too. Almost overnight, America’s public schools have become morally toxic. And they are especially poisonous for the hearts and minds of children from religious families of every faith—ordinary families who value traditional morality and plain old common sense. Parents’ first duty is to their children—to their intellect, their character, their souls. The facts on the ground point to one conclusion: get out now.

Overkill: 13-Year-Old Student Handcuffed, Arrested, Charged With Felony & Criminally Prosecuted for Pointing Imaginary ‘Finger Gun’ at Classmates

OVERLAND PARK, Kan.— Condemning draconian zero tolerance school policies bereft of common sense, The Rutherford Institute is demanding that a Kansas City area school district seek the exoneration of a middle school student who pointed an imaginary “finger gun” at classmates, resulting in her being handcuffed, arrested, charged with a felony for threatening a mass shooting, and criminally prosecuted. Incredibly, the girl with the “imaginary” gun was punished more harshly than students who brought actual guns to school in their backpacks.

In a letter to the Shawnee Mission (Kan.) School District superintendent, Rutherford Institute attorneys assert that the overreaction by Westridge Middle School’s resource officer and principal to the finger gun incident undermines the public’s confidence in safety measures and the ability of school officials to distinguish between a dangerous act and one that is simply childish. The hand gesture, which involves an individual using their hand to mimic an imaginary handgun, is commonly referred to as a “finger gun” and is widely seen throughout popular culture, in movies, TV shows, music videos, and on social media.

Cuff ’em

A six-year-old Florida girl was arrested, cuffed and fingerprinted after she threw a kicking tantrum in her Orlando elementary school class — and grandma is not happy.

An Indiana father claims his 9-year-old son was escorted off school property in handcuffs for defending himself against a bully. Ronnie Shepperd shared a video of his son, who has autism, getting arrested at Needham Elementary School in Franklin. The incident happened in August when Shepperd claims his son was getting picked on by a bully during recess.

Pop-Tart gun suspension upheld by Maryland judge

A Maryland judge has upheld the suspension of a second-grader who chewed his breakfast pastry into the shape of a gun and pretended to shoot classmates.

Anne Arundel County Circuit Court Judge Ronald A. Silkworth ruled this week that the school system could reasonably consider that the boy’s actions in March 2013 were disruptive and that a suspension was appropriate, due to the boy’s past behavioral issues, The Washington Post reported Thursday.

Josh Welch, then 7 years old, suffered from attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, or ADHD. Park Elementary School suspended him for two days after he nibbled his pastry into what administrators said resembled a gun and exclaimed: “Look, I made a gun!”

A hearing examiner supported the decision of a Baltimore-area school principal to suspend a 7-year-old boy for chewing a Pop Tart into the shape of a gun. But his family’s attorney is reportedly vowing to take the case further if the decision is upheld.

Then public schools go full retard

I made it a couple years past high school without wanting or needing sex education. I won’t say complete ignorance is the best plan, but beyond the basic biology lessons is treading on questionable turf. This is part of a planned cultural destruction, continuing the destruction of the family and stable cultures.

– Ted –

Chicago schools teach anal sex to 5th graders

The letter said the topics included personal safety, human reproduction and childbirth, puberty, abstinence and healthy relationships. Fourth-graders and above would also learn information about HIV/AIDS and sexually transmitted infections. Students in fifth grade and above would also learn about contraception and pregnancy prevention, and lessons would include a condom demonstration, the letter stated.

Sexual education classes at NYC public high schools and middle schools might feature some usually unmentioned lessons next year.

Among those lessons? Bestiality, anal sex, oral, sex, phone sex, porn and more, WSBT reports. According to the report, the Department of Education has recommended students learn “everything there is to know about sex” in the new curriculum.