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TEOTWAWKI supply list

Below is an excellent compilation that we all could use as a preparation foundation.

The End Of The World As We Know It has become a standard phrase covering any natural or man-made disruption to the easy life we take for granted.

By easy, I mean the amazingly well-stocked store shelves, the ability to drive many miles any time we wish for whatever purposes tickle our fancy, and to live in relative comfort, safety and security. Nearly all of us succumb to the assumed continuation of this situation in spite of the myriad precarious factors that must all remain unchanged.

In a matter of seconds we could go from the life we had taken for granted to one scrambling for shelter, water, warmth, food and security. Earthquake, volcanic eruption, terrorist attack, war, fire, flood, freak storm … the list of potential disruptions is huge.

Most of our groceries are NOT on store shelves or in now non-existant storage racks “in the back”. There is probably as much or more inventory in semi-trucks heading for the stores or distribution terminals as there is in the stores themselves. One hickup and the store shelves are a few days from being COMLETELY EMPTY.

Where does that leave you?

That is what people like Samantha Biggers encourage you to consider.

The links below take you to a reasonably comprehensive article, itself full of links for further research. I post the linked headings from that article that you can see what is there.

– Ted –

from Backdoor Survival

There are a lot of things you could stash away but what are the items that will be most in demand in a TEOTWAWKI situation?

The answer to that is pretty obvious in some ways but there are definitely some items that we take for granted now that will be harder to come by even if they are very inexpensive at the moment.

There are so many things that we use in our daily life that may be quite hard to imagine not being easy to acquire. The items featured in this post are also excellent barter items if you find yourself in a situation where barter is a reasonable thing to do. I advise people to never really plan on bartering a lot because of the dangers associated with doing so.

If you are wondering what TEOTWAWKI is, you may want to read my article “TEOTWAWKI Defined and What You Can Do to Prepare” before proceeding further.

Be sure to come back to this post for tips on what to put back.

Basic Supply Stockpile