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draining the swamp status report from behind closed doors

Most of us who have watched “The Draining Of The Swamp” find more excitement by turning away and watching the grass grow. Mid and high level bad actors, with well known evil throughout their action and beings are not just walking around free, but running their mouths off with lamestream media amplifying the gross fictions they emit.

Where’s The Beef?

There have been many high-level resignations from positions of power and money along with deaths in that circle of friends that may not all have been from natural causes … unless you consider lives of evil and violence bringing on real world punishments as a natural cause.

I used to check in on a wonderful real-time chart of resignations, deaths, sealed indictments, unsealed, human trafficing arrests and more. That link went dead and I no longer can find a concise summary like it. I find tidbits like and I don’t doubt that it is all still going on while lamestream media remains mum. Meanwhile …

Where’s The Beef?

The YouTube video below provides insight into the reasons for delay and great hope that we can expect more overt, public action soon.


In the video below Trump uses the past tense to say, “I caught the swamp. I caught them all.” This is not the sound of business as usual. Sorry about the link to Twitter, but Trump has done much of his most important work there. (They don’t dare shut him out lest they lose half their traffic.) They do not allow me to embed the video itself here.

Sealed Indictments map

These are packages of cases against bad actors where the timing is not quite right for execution. Many will be unsealed at some time in the future, while others may be hung over guilty heads to INSPIRE cooperation against bigger fish.