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Economics 2019 – where we are now

I will start of this collection with The Unraveling. A post rich with charts, examples, data and ultimately the truth. Click on the link above to check it out. I give you a few paragraphs below.

The chart to the right, by the way, proves beyond a shadow of a doubt who is manipulating, and who is winning the cultural battle for dominance. Allowing them THAT VICTORY is a choice average people make.

The unraveling is gathering momentum because prices have been pushing higher while wages lag, feeding the rising precariousness and inequality of our economy.

In our era, trust in the legitimacy of our institutions is unraveling because the statistics presented as “facts” are so clearly designed to support the status quo narrative that everything’s getting better every day in every way rather than the politically unwelcome reality that the bottom 95% are losing ground and whatever they do earn and own is increasingly at risk from forces outside their control.

Economic decay leads to social and political disorder / disunity. The sudden rise of vast homeless encampments is one manifestation of the social fabric unraveling. In the political realm, the insanity of accusing Democratic candidates of being “Russian agents” matches the hysterical destructiveness of the McCarthy era in the 1950s.

Michael Pento and Greg Hunter give a lesson in economics that is HUGELY relevant and timely. Ignore the advice in this video at your peril.

For the “investors” among you (Gerald Celente would call them gamblers), is the following advice on speculating in the stock market:

The Future and the Past

Securities and Exchange Commission Rule 156 requires financial institutions to advise investors to not be idiots. Hence, the disclosure pages of nearly every financial instrument in the U.S. are embedded with the following admission or variant thereof:

“Past Performance Is Not Indicative of Future Results”

“Buy and hold”… “The market goes always up”… “No-one can time the market”… “Buy the dip” “With what? You said not to sell anything”… “Simple, mortgage the farm…” The image above shows roughly what happens right after everybody feels the warm & fuzzies due to the fact that the market has been going up without a hitch for quite some time. Once the conviction that it can only rise further is widespread and firmly embedded in investor psyches (who cares about valuations?), this is often what the next scene looks like… [PT]

The instruction is futile. Most investors are idiots, including many of the pros. What’s more, suspiciously absent from all disclosures is “how” to not be an idiot. Perhaps this is because such guidance would discourage many unwitting investors from getting mixed up with the stock market in the first place.

For thousands of years 16 or 17 ounces of silver was exchanged for every ounce of gold. There have been occasional social and political disruptions that shifted the ration briefly, but the long term pattern is solid… until recently with the paper trades dominating real metal exchanges 9 to 1. In other words, manipulators with no real metal in the game are setting the prices … BADLY.

Today it takes 84 ounces of silver to buy an ounce of gold. RIDICULOUS! Silver is a commercial metal with hundreds of very popular uses. While most above-ground silver is in products where the metal is NOT recoverable, most above-ground gold is in stored precious metal coins and bars. If anything, silver should be closer to gold than ever.

In plain English, the proportion of your savings devoted to long-term security in precious metals should be heavily oriented towards silver over all others. The upside potential outstrips all others.

Interestingly to me, we have serious experts ignoring the blatant dominance of paper trades in the market pricing. They act, talk and analyze as if there are genuine market forces in charge.

I say NO! dang way!!!
However, some day the physical market overwhelms the paper charlatans. It almost happened in late 2010. They figured out a way

Retaining whatever wealth you have.
“I do believe that in our lifetimes we will witness the greatest wealth transfer in history”
Which side do you want to be on? Dependent or Independent?

This next one is SUPER RATIONAL. Plain-speak about personal finances … including precious metals along with personal financial decision making.

Silver Stacking