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Agenda 21 is Unsustainable

I intermittently expose bits of the evil the globalists are working to perpetrate on plant and animal inhabitants of planet Earth. It all seems absolutely insane when you know about it, but our views are guided by love of our natural world; theirs may not be.

Whereas they understand your world view perfectly well and are quite happy to take advantage of any weakness in your defenses, you probably do not understand their view. THAT is your weakness. Matrix Entertainment is well on the way to building the antidote for that ignorance.

Their previous movies are EXCELLENT. They do ‘the documentary thing’ without being boring, pendanic, or preach-ey. Here, I’ll give you a quick biogrophy snip:

James Jaeger founded Matrix Productions in 1980 in Studio City, California. Matrix Productions was incorporated as Matrixx Entertainment Corporation (MEC), a Delaware corporation, in 1990. MEC — billing itself as “movies that do more than entertain” — produces documentaries, narrative dramatic features and rock concerts.

MEC has released seven political documentaries to date: Fiat Empire, Original Intent, Cultural Marxism, Corporate Fascism, Spoiler, Molon Labe, Midnight Ride and recently, Mainstream featuring such experts as Ron Paul, Pat Buchanan, Edwin Vieira, Jr., G. Edward Griffin, Sam Chew, John Cones, Stewart Rhodes, Alex Jones, Larry Pratt, Sheriff Richard Mack, Pastor Chuck Baldwin, Ted Baehr, Elias Alias and others.

Also completed is “Good Guys With Guns” — produced by Edwin Vieira, Jr. and James Jaeger in association with Oath Keepers; featuring Dave Kopacz, Edwin Vieira, G. Edward Griffin, Jeannette Finicum, Rep. Cynthia McKinney, Steven Kates, Stephes Willeford, Stewart Rhodes, Walter Reddy, Pastor Chuck Baldwin and others.

The current project will be another major contribution to ‘Know Your Enemy’. The message below came to my e-mail as a tiny supporter of their past efforts. I’m thinking you ought to buy one or more of their movies if you have not yet. See

Once you see how they handle controversial subjects, you might be inclined towards supporting them by buying, sharing and/or otherwise contributing to their work. Notice in their message below they include many links to free resources for viewing bits, pieces or the whole thing.

Obviously, they are driven by LIBERTY rather than profit.

It is also important that we keep in mind Who and What the UN is: Selected representatives of the ruling elite from every country in the world… corrupt as individuals and powerfully corrupt as a group. Definitely not working for you, me or, apparently, nature and Earth.

– Ted –

– The UN’s Agenda for World Domination

This Trailer includes screencredits for donations up to and through 08 October 2019.

As of now, we have completed 15 interviews and you can see 13 of them here.

The last interviews we have to do are:
EDWIN VIEIRA (scheduled)
STEWART RHODES (scheduled)
ROSA KOIRE (scheduled)
MICHAEL SHAW’S interview was completed on 30 October, as scheduled.
Michael is one of the top experts on Agenda 21 and his inclusion in this movie is key. See a sample of Michael at Ed Griffin’s event here. It speaks for itself.

Interviews for STEWART RHODES and PASTOR CHUCK BALDWIN were scheduled for the 31 October and we have completed Pastor Baldwin’s interview on schedule but Stewart Rhodes’ interview has been rescheduled for early November.

It is very important to have these experts in this movie because it is vital that citizens get a full understanding of how important the right to “keep and bear” is whether one happens to be a U.S. citizen or a citizen of one of the other UN-member countries.  And at the foundation of our rights must be a moral and ethical citizenry.  To address this, and why our nation has wandered so far from the Biblical-based Constitution we were given by the Founders, it requires Pastor Baldwin to sum up the situation and help us see how we can return from the abyss our nation now faces.  Stewart’s interview has been re-scheduled.

I am also happy to say that ROSA KOIRE – a top expert on ICLEI, COGS, sustainable development and Agenda 21 in general – has been scheduled to be interviewed on 3 November 2019.  We had faith that donations would come in for this interview and other Budget items, and they did.  Thank you, we are making progress and will be done with this film soon.
That said, bear in mind, we already have TOM DeWEESE and DEBBIE BACAGALIPI “in the can” and now we have MICHAEL SHAW ”in-the-can” as well.  “In-the-can” is movie lingo for: “The film has been shot and stored in its light-tight, protective covering or can.”
When we interview ROSA KOIRE, we will have the four most highly-respected experts in the world on Agenda 21 in UNSUSTAINABLE.  That is really cool, so please keep that in mind as you’re deciding whether to donate or not.
The last expert, but certainly not least, is my incredible producing partner, EDWIN VIEIRA, a Constitutional attorney with 4 degrees from Harvard.  His interview for this movie is vital because Edwin will bring a perspective about the legality of Agenda 21 with respect to the “highest law of the land” like no other expert.  If you are an OATH KEEPER or student of the Second Amendment, you may recall Dr. Vieira’s last two books: The Sword and Sovereignty and By Tyranny Out of Necessity.  These two works stand as the world’s most comprehensive study of the American Militia System and the 4 militia clauses in the U.S. Constitution ever accomplished.  Even FOX NEWS is terrified to have Edwin on as he would blow away all their other Constitutional “experts” – like Judge Napolitano, etc.  Would you risk NOT having Dr. Vieira in this movie over a $100 donation?
We also have hired RANDY SHANNON, the narrator for GOOD GUYS WITH GUNS, and he has now delivered the fourth of 5 installments of the narration as of today.  You can hear a sample of his narration here.  I think Randy’s enthusiasm for the subject matter also speaks for itself and out of the hundreds that have commented on the past movies and the trailers, 99.99% are positive raves.
Lastly, we have hired an artist to create the final artwork for the 1-sheet, DVD box and wrap.  You can see it above and I hope you like it.  If you have been following the history of this production, you know we have been through about five versions of the artwork.  None seemed to capture the essence of what this doc is about.  I think this piece of artwork does, however you must have read the Script or have seen the movie (when it’s released) to really get it.  The theme of the artwork — with the UN building out in the middle of a forest “wildland” — will also be understandable to anyone who is familiar with the Biodiversity Treaty, a part of Agenda 21 as we explain in the documentary.  Also, the reason the UN logo is stamped on the deer will become apparent to anyone who watches the movie.  As I said earlier, few Americans are fully aware of Agenda 21 and its ramifications.  We hope to remedy some of this with this movie.
So to get the movie done, here is what we now need, some of these expenses paid for last week and reflected in the below request for proceeds:
Edwin Vieira/Stewart Rhodes Interview – $500 
Pastor Baldwin Interview – 250 (bal due)
Rosa Koire interview – 500
Michael Shaw Interview – 250 (bal due)
Location expenses – 360 (2 days in VA)
Narration – 205 (4 of 5 installments done)
Post Production 3 months – 8,319 (edit studio)
Sound track clean up – 400 (Camp Constitution shoots)
Artist for DVD box – 500  
Misc – $400
TOTAL: $11,684
Would you like a PRODUCER screencredit on this important film in the MAIN title sequence?  If you can afford to donate this sum, we will accord you a single-card, PRODUCER screencredit.  Normally this screencredit is granted to acknowledge that donor who has contributed the sum of $20,000, so this is a good deal. 
The PRODUCER screencredit has been earned and granted on the past 9 of our films — all up on YouTube as a free public service at  UNSUSTAINABLE is proving to be a little more difficult to finance because relatively few people know what Agenda 21 is or why it’s important.  If you understand why it’s important and donate to complete this film, you will have really earned this Producer screencredit because you will have made it possible to complete a documentary that many others will eventually appreciate.  If this sum is more than you can afford, we also have an Associate Producer screencredit on the MAIN titles for $5,000.
If you are of more modest means, don’t feel we do not value your contributions just as much.  Everyone on this world shepherds different amounts of energy, so the sum of $100 can be as meaningful and challenging to allocate for one person as the sum of $10,000 is to another.  We all do what we can.  Donations of $50 – $500 have advanced us almost to the completion of this project and I am personally thrilled and honored that you have believed in me and this movie to get it virtually done.
Documentary films are the most complex motion pictures to edit.  The big features you see at the theaters are easy to edit compared to documentaries because they are fully scripted so everything is basically pre-determined before one arrives at post production.  Documentaries, on the other hand, are literally “built in the editing room.”  Please keep this in mind and help us get through this by donating what you can at
Thank you for all you have so far done.  You can access all the materials to monitor the production -– Synopsis, Trailer, Script, Budget, Expert Excerpts — at the website at
Take this opportunity to immortalize your concern for the well-being of the greatest nation ever built — the United States of America.  Be acknowledged in the screencredits of a motion picture that may be around longer than the U.S. — if we don’t stop the Globalists’ UNSUSTAINABLE agenda.
P.S.  If you are of means but cannot donate at this time, please forward this Progress Report to family, friends and/or associates who have the financial ability to get this production completed.  We only need $11,684.  That’s a very small sum compared to the money Americans are currently donating to the presidential campaigns.  If The UN’s Agenda 21 succeeds, does it really matter WHO is President?

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