California Under Attack! Skynet Did It Again!! See Pics Of Latest Warzone!!

Two vehicles that endured the Carr Fire, one with minor cosmetic damage and one destroyed, rest among leveled homes in the Lake Keswick Estates area of Redding on Friday evening


Wildfire destroys 500 structures, nearly levels community
WTOP-11 hours ago

As Carr Fire Kills 2 in California, Firefighters Reflect on a Job Now …
International-New York Times-16 hours ago

Carr Fire update: Second firefighter killed, thousands of homes in …
Opinion-The Mercury News-Jul. 27, 2018

PG&E looks to offload more wildfire financial risk to insurers, capital …
In-Depth-CNBC-Jul. 27, 2018

Once again world, we re presented with pictures of California under attack… does this look like a normal wild fire?  Why do these California fires, choose buildings and avoid trees… but melt glass?  Why do they come in orchestrated waves, that just so happen to coincide with the UN Agenda 21? Why are these fires even occuring since there isn’t really enough trees in these suburban neighbourhoods to justify firenadoes, burning buildings, cars, melting metal… and etc…. boats burning on water????? C’mon…

…you do realize at the OTHER California fires (I hope).. THAT BEAMS WERE SEEN SHOOTING FROM THE SKY… ??? Or should we just ignore the ongoing war around us?  You can stick your head in the sand, but doesn’t that just leave you in a vulnerable position?

You do realize the whitehouse has been under attack?

You do realize California is a major food source for North America?

This is weird… how can America be so involved in so many wars, including one on their own home soil, and have little idea that any of it is happening?

This has been going on for months… but the attacks have been for decades…the attacks against our species by negative ETs has been for thousands of years…. all leading up to these type of headlines….

Nine Eleven Again! California Was Attacked With Energy Weapon! Analysis: Trees Standing, but Glass Melted, Steel Bent, Houses Disappeared, Atmospheric Glow

Napa Valley Looks Like Hiroshima! Evidence of Military Grade EMF Accelerants Used in Sonoma Napa FIRES… Trees, Cars And Buildings Burning From Inside Out! “This Is Like Napalm!”… Houses Burnt To 2 Inches Of Debris! California Under Attack Alert! “Complete Dustification Of Everything”!

Trump Tower Attacked Via Laser? Like California and Liverpool? Trump Tower on Fire! This Development Confirms Q Defcon 1 Breadcrumb That Whitehouse Is in Defense Mode Because of Imminent Attack!

Skynet Attacks Again? 1400 Vehicles Spontaneously Combust In Liverpool Carpark… Feels Eerily Similar To California Fires 

Undeclared! Civil War in America! Mass Arrests of Khazarian Gangsters!  Lasers Used in California Confirmed by Officials! Ongoing Hunt for Flesh Eaters and Torturers! Sellers of Human Flesh Under Investigation! Ben’s Update Says it All! You Are the Light Says Sananda!

Judgment Day Is Here Now That Skynet Is Attacking California! If United Nations Is Attacking California, Who Controls The United Nations? Rich People Attacking The Common People And Their Food Supply

UN Attacks California?!!! Terminator-Like Laser Beams Burned Houses And Cars, Followed By Forced Removal! Major Smoking Gun Paper Trail!  Human Access Will Be Denied To Most Of America Under Satanic Biodiversity Plan Innocently Called Agenda 21!

Decades Long American Civil War In Progress! California Laser Beam Attack And Las Vegas Hybrid False Flags Are Only Latest Proofs Of American Civil War From Within, In An Environment Of Normalized Treason

Green Laser Beam Shooting From Sky, Caught On Video During California Santa Rosa Helicopter Flyby! A New Level Of War Against Humanity Caught On Video! 

Are Skynet Or Aliens Trying To Take Over??? California “Ground Zero” Neighbourhood Looks “Laser Beamed”, Like Terminator 2 Opening Scene! Galactic Federation Of Light Says Aliens Are Involved! 

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A partially burned boat floats on Whiskeytown Lake during the Carr fire near Whiskeytown, California, on Friday, near where to more than 100 homes were burned