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11/3/19 National Conspiracy Theorist Pay Attention Day

If you use an uncensored search engine (like DuckDuckGo) and websearch false flag 11/3/2019, the top returns will be YouTube videos discussing The Bilderbergs, Illuminati, occult, numerology, The Simpsons and more “out there” stuff.

My readers know that I am definitely out there in many ways.

Do I think They are going to imitate a nuclear weapon attack on Seattle this Sunday?

I will not bet on it.

I also won’t bet against it. If something big happens there and then I will definitely not believe that another country instigated it regardless of whatever flimsy evidence the FBI pulls out of the ashes almost immediately after.

One thing we do know is that our activities on the World Wide Web are thoroughly monitored. The more widely shared one or more of these 11/3 video analyses are the less likely a massive false flag will meet the creators’ objectives.

The more of us who have our Do Not Believe Official Reports shields up, the less incentive they have to execute their plans.

I’ll share here one of the videos my websearch turned up… just doing my part, ya’see.

On a related note, the long-running demonization and desire to destroy Iran is alive and well. Build-up for a potential response to a false flag blamed on them, perhaps?

US assembling a devastating strike force in the Middle East

By Thomas Lifson

The American media are paying no attention to it, but you can be sure that the mullahs in Tehran have noticed: The United States is openly deploying the weapons necessary to launch a devastating attack on Iran, should the need arise. The Australian media are not so shy, as shows:

… more …

Why are they so concentrated on taking down Iran?
See the next post: How are “our” enemies selected?