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Big News this morning

This morning, October 27th at 0900 Eastern Time, President Donald Trump held a news conference to describe the successful take-down of the top ISIS commander, organizer, numbah one big Kahuna, al-Baghdadi.

While The President was describing this news conference as “Big News”, most will think the raid and ISIS leader cadre take-down was IT. I believe the other part of the story was every bit, if not more important.

Significantly, Russian military, Turkey military, Syrian military, Iraqui military all could be trusted with critical information insuring safe ingress and egress for USofA Special Operations, with a significant military aircraft fleet, but Congressional ‘leaders’ could not. Had Pelosi and similar enemies in The Swamp known of the raid, they would have done their best to sacrifice the men and the mission for perceived political gain.

That the leakers were apparently known well enough to plug all leaks is as much a victory as the impressive special operation itself. That the international warfighter community stood aside for the raid is another part of The Big News.

Once again we see The Art Of The Deal in action.

The Good Guys: WIN-WIN-WIN


I kind-of like it like that.