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Anthropogenic climate change

In regular English that is “man-made global warming”. Either way, it is a scam to corral the common folk while the elites burn jet fuel, yacht fuel and power for their multiple mansions at prodigious rates.

It turns out that man-made climate change is indeed very real. Colorado State University publishes the geo-stationary satellite video clips that give us the show in real time.

I created this little video clip to share with you how to read the satellite images, and how their engineered movement of equatorial air to the poles alters the natural balance of things… not to mention how their deliberate off-shore movement of moist air AWAY from California creates the devastating drought and related fires in that region.

Do not be shocked when they announce that the Olympic Rain Forest “suddenly”, “inexplicably” has changed. Stuff like that is predictable when you pay attention.

The link, website of the Colorado State University GOES-17 live video clips is a bit convoluted (like we aren’t supposed to find it). Go there. Watch weather manipulation in real time. It is right in front of us.

I also like the Weather Underground infrared image that tells another part of the same story. I visit both of these BEFORE I go to any meteoroligists’ prognostications. If their predictions do not match the satellite views, they are immediately questionable.