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Area Study

You can have food, water, guns and ammo, medical supplies, water filtration systems, a $20,000 solar panel array, and lots of other “stuff”…

But if you lack the ability to maintain situational awareness, you are sabotaging all your efforts at being prepared.

You will be at the mercy of the unknown.

You will experience a major “fog of war” that will slow down your decision-making.

A lack of information — and the inability to produce intelligence — is likely to lead to a poor outcome.

Because you’re not really prepared to operate in the environment that you’re going to inherit.

It’s time for some self-reflection:

What’s your plan to gather intelligence information in real-time during a disaster?

How, specifically, are you going to maintain situational awareness on things happening beyond your line of sight?

How are you going to accomplish this in a grid-up or grid-down scenario?

All of the above is from the Forward Observer website and the course synopsis for learning how to, and producing your own Area Study.

I have been a student and am still working on my own competency as well as building a community team. All the tacti-cool stuff, gunners and super-snipers you can gather will do ZERO good if they are not in the right place at the right time. How to get them there is the point of data collection and analysis, also known as Intelligence.

Some time back I realized I was departing my era of runnin’ and gunnin’; moving into support roles. So I began seriously looking at those. The first glaring hole in most groups is communications. I jumped into ham radio and keep drilling deeper, trying to be useful in that way because hardly anybody else is even thinking about it.

Intelligence is the next level. Information via radio and other sources has to be converted into useful, tactical information. THAT is a whole lot easier said than done. If we don’t train and practice for it, we do not have that capability.

Then how do you get the resources you need to the locations where they are needed?

Don’t wait for me to tell you. Go see the experts.