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tripping Big Brother

I suspect few of us are capable of escaping the All Seeing Eye but that does not mean we should give up and make their job easy.

Popular Big Tech is one in the same as Big Brother. I, rather obviously, am not hunkered down in a foxhole waiting my turn to be executed. But I do avoid their blatant abuses of our reasonable expectation to privacy.

Say NO! to Googoo, Faceplant, Appoo, Microflab, Windoze, Internet Exploder, Geemail, Outlook, … well, all the big guys. They did not get big by accident. Dirty money MADE them.

Say YES to GAB, VOAT, VOAT subset QRV, MINDS, LINUX [Mint], PROTON MAIL, and, for now, I endorse Thunderbird as your e-mail software.

Say NO! to cbs, nbc, fox, time/warner/disney, and most of all a great big,
to the CIA News Network. None of them love you, like you, or even give a rip that you exist, in fact they prefer that you are either dead or enslaved.

Those I listed in the category “YES” deserve a little explanation that might inspire you to look a bit deeper into one or another.

GAB On the surface, GAB mostly resembles what Normals think of as Twitter. Their stated purpose: “A social network that champions free speech, individual liberty and the free flow of information online. All are welcome.” I use it mostly for the information gathering and sharing capability.

VPNs – Virtual Private Networks – Now we are really getting somewhere. Nobody (assuming the NSA has become incompetent) knows who you are, where you go, and what you are interested in. I have seen links and information on these, but have yet to follow through with interest… this winter … when the rush is over. GAB recommends one that sends a small commission to them if you sign up from GAB links.

VOAT is similar to GAB, but grittier. Posting links to articles and up-voting others’ contributions accumulate positive points for you. Enough positive points and you can actually DOWN-VOTE other submissions. Anyone receiving enough down-votes cannot post. This bit of group or self censorship is the only limit there.

QRV is a sub-group within VOTE that discusses The Q phenomenon. It attracts a large number of professional shills attempting to discredit the group. The WWII bomber crew phrase is appropriate here: When you are taking flak, it means you are over the target. We get to down-vote the shills making their work a skosh harder, but most importantly, we have to pay attention to discern fact from fiction. That is an improvement over lamestream media where almost all of it is fiction.

MINDS tends towards more words in the posts and mostly links to news articles complete with pictures giving you plenty of information to decide if you want to know more. Similar to the ones above, they are not censoring content to achieve questionable political objectives.

LINUX [Mint] is one of the most popular operating systems on Earth, while still tiny compared to the giants from Microsoft and Apple. Linux runs nearly all the web servers and commercial applications, but is readily available to us. Windoze 10 does not allow replacement of your operating system with the open-source, honest, compact Linux, but all prior versions do. In addition to non-snooping, Linux is a compact, tight operating system that doesn’t suck up your computer memory like the giant gluttons who think they own your computer.

Finally, I mention PROTON MAIL which is an email service hosted in Switzerland and focused on customer privacy – including the ability to send encripted emails that even their engineers cannot break in to. I wouldn’t bet my life on it, but making Big Brother work for it is better than nothing.

OPEN SOURCE – What all of the above recommended products have in common, making them uncommonly great, is their “open source” software. That means the source code, the language computer programmers speak in, is open to scrutiny by any geek on the planet who speaks the common computer source language. Most significantly, that means that unlike Microsoft, Apple, Google and the other slimy actors, there are no hidden tricks, traps and spyware built secretly into their code.


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