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explosive California fires – quite literally

The SGT Report below includes video showing explosions triggerring the California “wildfires”. These multiple explosions happened shortly after PG&E cut all electricity to those areas … and in the areas now dominated by out-of-control “wildfires”.

Interesting to note that we typically fight fire with water. Most of our water is pumped by electricity… that these places COINCIDENTALLY do not have at this time.

Watch it now. Clear exposure like this has a tendancy to be pulled from the Internet… inexplicably unavailable shortly after being put up. YouTube is notorious for that, as are their tech giant compatriots in censorship of Truth.

I have been watching the GOES-17 satellite images for a long time now. It is my home page.  I have not understood WHY, but definitely have watched the geoengineers pulling moisture away from California out into the Pacific Ocean and north up and over California, back down in to Montana and points East.

It is quite clearly part of a larger plan to reshape the population centers of that state. There is undoubtedly much more to it, but we can clearly see the big moves, if we pay attention.

In my post understanding geostationary satellite images
By Ted Dunlap, on July 2nd, 2019, I do a show-n-tell of the GOES-17 satellite time-lapse, explaining how to read them and what to watch for.

In them I don’t think I pointed out the consistent pattern of preventing the Pacific moisture from moving inland over California as it naturally does, and has forever.

The current fires are the next step in that massive, long-term plan.

The geoengineering is bigger still. My understanding geostationary satellite images has links to the current images published by Colorado State University and goes a long ways towards showing how to read them and what to watch for.

There used to be breaks, but the unnatural weather patterns have not let up for a long time now.

Then there are these other pieces of the puzzle (click the headline link to go see the whole article):


CA POWER SHUTDOWN: “First they predict the fires, Then they start the fires, Next they spread the fires….”

from State Of The Nation:

Really, what is a “PUBLIC SAFETY SHUTOFF” ? ! ? !

First of all, let’s be very clear: what PG&E and the California State Government are doing to the residents has NEVER happened before.

Shutting down power to nearly 3,000,000 people throughout any state has never happened before—ANYWHERE!

Since when is shutting off the power as a pre-emptive measure to avoid wildfires from spreading a justifiable pretext? ! Especially when PG&E was falsely blamed for the wildfire destruction in the first place.

This Government-Corporate crime wave has been memed PG&Egate because of the sheer depth and breadth of the criminal conspiracy that was necessary for it to get this far.  PG&E has been so ravaged by lawsuits, which were greatly encouraged after the Mainstream Media unjustly accused their power lines for the fires, that all they can do is go along with the ruse.

Now here’s a video that proves, once again, these firestorms are actually arson fires, many beginning with inexplicable explosions: Watch the California P-u-r-G & E Fires Begin in Real Time.


The show is right in front of you if you pay attention.

Put this together with the other article I posted today: California adds insult to injury to build a pattern of FORCED RELOCATION from the independence offered by suburban and rural living to the managed, controlled existence of their approved population centers.

If you are clinging to one of those California outposts, I would highly recommend gettin’ while the gettin’ is possible.

– Ted –