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bringing polio back

While you can’t say, “By popular demand”, the return of polio to human populations is not an act of nature any more than psychopathy and sociopathy are. That is to say, they actually are natural in a perverse sense of the word.

Understanding the mechanisms involved might be aided by a visit to The Georgia Guidestones and the United Nations multiple published “AGENDA” programs planning and working towards the Bilderberg’s New World Order.

Now from Natural News comes the following revelation.

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The WHO and UNICEF just admitted Natural News was right all along:
Polio outbreaks really are caused by polio vaccines

Image: The WHO and UNICEF just admitted Natural News was right all along: Polio outbreaks really are caused by polio vaccines

(Natural News) After nearly two decades of having been declared “polio free” by the World Health Organization (WHO), the Philippines is now experiencing its first polio outbreak in 19 years – and authorities are actually admitting that the cause was the polio vaccine itself!

Health Secretary Francisco Duque III announced at a recent press conference that at least one person, a three-year-old girl in the southern Lanao del Sur province, has contracted the virus, which has also been detected in waterways throughout the southern Davao region, as well as in sewage in Manila.

These three vector points are enough to declare an official polio outbreak, officials say, which is creating something of a panic as polio was previously thought to have been completely eradicated.

“As long as one single child remains infected, children across the country and even beyond are at risk of contracting polio,” added UNICEF Philippines representative Oyun Dendevnorov in a statement.

In a joint statement, both the WHO and UNICEF admitted that the type of poliovirus that’s currently spreading is vaccine-derived poliovirus type 2, which once again means that vaccines are the source and cause of this first-in-nearly-20-years polio outbreak.

“The weakened virus used in vaccines replicates for a short time in children’s intestines and is excreted in their feces,” writes Carley Petesch for the Associated Press (AP). “In rare instances … the weakened virus can strengthen in areas with poor sanitation and hygiene.”

This would seem to be one of those “rare instances,” seeing as how raw sewage is one of the biggest risk factors, along with polluted river water.

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Natural News warned about this and was banned from Big Tech – so where’s our apology?

The last time a polio infection stemming from a wild strain of the virus was detected in the Philippines was back in 1993. Later on in 2015, the WHO officially declared wild poliovirus type 2 to be eradicated not just in the Philippines, but globally.

Wild poliovirus type 2 had been a thing of the past, in other words, until polio vaccines brought it back into existence. Even so, both the WHO and UNICEF are still pushing people to get vaccinated for polio amid this crisis, as they claim this is the only way to prevent infection.

As much as this makes absolutely no sense, this is the official recommendation of government officials who are pushing to have at least 95 percent of children under the age of five in the Philippines vaccinated for polio.

Still, these same officials did admit that the vaccine was the cause of this latest outbreak, which only vindicates Natural News as we’ve been warning about this for years – to the point that we were banned from every major tech platform for spreading “misinformation.”

However, now that it’s been proven that polio vaccines spread polio, where is our apology? When can we expect to be reinstated on Facebook and Pinterest? Will health authorities now come out to say that independent news outlets like Natural News were right all along, and agree that we’ve done a good thing in the interest of supporting public health?

While we certainly won’t hold our breath on all that, we do want to set the record straight ourselves by declaring: We told you so.

“Polio vaccines are often cited as a success story proving that vaccines work to eliminate infectious disease,” writes Mike Adams, the Health Ranger. “In truth, nearly all the cases of polio in the modern world are caused by polio vaccines themselves.”

“Stated plainly, more cases of polio are caused by polio vaccines than from wild polio,” he adds.

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