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assault on weapons missed by a mile

If you listen to lamestream media or political beasts, banning and collecting every AR-15 will make the world a safe place. That is worse than incorrect.

Here I will focus on one aspect of the ridiculousness.

The FBI released its 2018 crime statistics – see the table below.

ALL RIFLES, included the horrid AR-15, account for 2.9% of the homocides. The FBI did not single out any particular style of rifle, but if they did, the hugely versatile and popular modern sporting rifle would not likely be a blip on the stats board.

Why in heaven’s name would it be such a target for the gun banners?

Because for over 40 years it has proven itself to be an effective tool for those trying to slow tyrannical governments rush to enslavement of the masses.

FBI’s newly released 2018 crime statistics:

FBI Expanded Homicide Data Table 11    
Murder Circumstances    
by Weapon, 2018    
Circumstances Percent Total
Total murder victims NA 14,123
Total firearms NA 10,265
Total Specified Weapons 100.0% 10,093
Handguns 65.4% 6,603
Rifles 2.9% 297
Shotguns 2.3% 235
Other guns or type not stated NA 3,130
Knives or cutting instruments 15.0% 1,515
Blunt objects (clubs, hammers, etc.) 4.4% 443
Personal weapons (hands, fists, feet, etc.) 6.6% 668
Poison 0.0% 5
Pushed or thrown out window 0.0% 4
Explosives 0.0% 4
Fire 0.7% 72
Narcotics 0.8% 78
Drowning 0.1% 9
Strangulation 0.7% 70
Asphyxiation 0.9% 90
Other NA 900

Leaving aside the 4,030 murder victims where the weapon or method is not specified well enough to be usable in this calculation, handguns accounted for 65.4% of murders, followed by knives at 15.0%, personal weapons (such as fists) at 6.6%, blunt instruments at 4.4%, rifles at 2.9%, and shotguns at 2.3%.

In later 20th Century, most gun control advocates focused on amount of killing done with handguns, which remain by far the most lethal type of homicide weapon. Plus, handguns are the most commonly used weapons in armed robberies.

Today, however, handguns don’t get that much attention from gun control advocates, who tend to obsess over rifles, especially the AR-15. And yet, rifles account for only 2.9% of murders in which the type of weapon was specified. Adding in shotguns, long guns only add up to 5.2% of murders. And long guns are seldom used to knock over liquor stores or to terrify a rape victim. They call too much attention to themselves.

Rifles are used in one kind of intentionally attention-grabbing type of homicide: one-way trip mass shootings in which the shooter doesn’t expect to ever come home, either dying in the course of his crime or going to prison for a very long time. These crimes are appalling, although the total number of murder victims from them are a small percentage of the annual national toll.

In contrast, attention paid to handguns seems to be in decline as it increasingly is coming to seem racist to want to disarm black criminals of their handguns.