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the illusionists

I cannot bring myself to use the current labels “blue” for the socialists paradises and “red” for those with economically conservative majorities.

I know the old color coding with the “Reds” being socialists and communists was similarly arbitrary, but that does not make the current NEWSPEAK acceptable.

Back when The Red Menace was the USofA propogandists’ goblin of choice, we all would rather be dead than red.

So now the Orwelians who control mass media and mass politicians have decided to uproot, twist and confuse by reversing the public view of The Reds.

I don’t accept it.

A liberal once was someone who believed government should not be controlling or overbearing. The psy-ops gods turned that one over… another word removed from my vocabulary.

I am reminded of my teenaged daughters informing me a couple decades ago that I could not enjoy rainbows because the gays had claimed them as their banner. I replied, “They can’t have them.” Turns out that is much like the year I did not switch to Daylight Savings Time. My cultural circle regarding time of day became really, really small.

My little protests are like placing a pebble as a dam in the Mississippi River.

Nevertheless, being unable to significantly divert the flow does not mean I must go with it. I have never minded swimming upstream when it suited me.