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I have been rushing a bit setting up for winter which solidly arrived last weekend. I was almost ready.

I threw a wrench into the works by starting construction of a quonset hut storage building I decided to ‘need’ before this winter. My tractor operator skills came back quickly on the rented backhoe, as did my ability to visualize re-sculpted earth in useful ways and get grades right from the seat of a tractor.

I filled in as a presenter to the local garden club playing show and tell with my carnivorous plants.

I finalized the lot line adjustment project enabling us to sell two adjacent parcels just over and under 3 acres each. In my younger days, ten acres was about right. Today that is more turf than I can effectively utilize. Our finances, on the other hand, could use the improvement.

If you want a nice neighborhood, close to a wonderful little town, with a year-round creek, south-facing slope, in a premier ‘banana-belt’ region of Montana, this is a good one:

I keep going to bed or waking up with socio-political-philosophical stuff churning around in my head. I gotta get that out soon. You’ll see. But right now I gotta run.