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this is their best shot???

We are well along in the Democratic Party selection process with four front runners, according to lamestream media.

Holey Smokes!
These are the best in the nation???

Heck, we could find better in my town of Darby, Montana (population 720). You would have to work at it to find worse than what the Democrats are shoving in our face.

To read the latest pollsters poop sheets, Creepy Joe Biden is out in front.

C’mon, the population of pedophiles willing to vote for Joe, even if they were all in one county would not get him elected Dog Catcher. The Libertarian or Green Party candidates would surely trounce him in national polling were there no Republican in the race.

If Joe is “it”, I would have to suspect the Republicans somehow managed to gain control of the Democratic party. He’s the ultimate loser.

It takes almost nothing for the NSA to expose Creepy Joe to the populace 99% of which would vote for a pet rock over a pet-o-file. There is no defending him. He is a genuine creep.

At this time, Pocahontas is the Democrat’s second place runner. They do seem to have a long run of integrity-challenged, and somehow those win elections. That’s a great puzzlement to me.

Warren has been living lie after lie for her entire adult life. I am not understanding the attraction. When people repeatedly lie to me, I stop believing anything they say. There appears to be a large body of folks who prefer sweet lies to truth. How did those get the right to vote?

Fortunately we have the Electoral College which prevents great massed foolishness from overwhelming widespread thoughtfulness. The oppressive fog of overpopulated concentration camps cannot overwhelm clear thinking in clear air… yet.

Warren, who took the Trump challenge to have her DNA investigated and publicised is 99.93% non-native-American. Kind-of makes her 99.93% full-blooded liar.

Bernie’s 3 mansions

Next up is Weekend at Bernie’s. Full-blooded, out-of-the-closet Socialist. In case there is anybody left who does not understand socialism, Bernie is here to give lessons. He owns 3 mansions without ever doing an honest day’s work in his life.

He preaches people’s paradise austerity. The great mass of little people can have free food, free housing, free medical care and free anything else they want, just not the quality awarded to Bernie and associates.

Fourth on their hit parade this month is Kamala Harris. She wins my vote as the lesser of four creeps. Sorry I cannot praise her more highly, but she was granted a priveledged life and pooped on the little people to suit her own agenda.

As prosecutor and attorney general, innocence and guilt had to take a back seat to political expediency. She flat did not care to follow the law when it came to admitting evidence that the accused were innocent… gotta get that record as “victorious in prosecutions”… heck with the little people … let them rot in California prisons.

Somewhere down the list of Democratic hopefulls there may be an honest person. I have yet to ferret that one out.

Regular readers here know better than to think I am a head-over-heals Trump supporter. Amazingly, with as much time and energy expended into villifying him, however, he cannot compete on the ugly stage with what the opposition is throwing up.

… and that may be the upcoming election in a nutshell.