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that other 9-11

Titular President Ohbummer was running for re-election. His handlers developed a sure-fire plan to make him appear statesmanly and clever right before election day. It was not overly complicated like That Other 9-11, but could help a weak man appear to be strong.

They offered the towel-ey-ban an armory full of guns, grenades, rockets and other fun toys from the Benghazi embassy armory in exchange for a scheduled slam-dunk kidnapping of the Ambassador. They get to keep the armory contents, but have to return Ambassador Stevens as soon as OhBummer asks real nicely on the world stage.

Don’t worry, we will make sure there aren’t any defenders present. Walk in, grab the ambassador, collect all your prizes, drive away and wait for OhBummer to impressively negotiate the ambassador’s release. We’ll even toss a few extra bucks your way during negotiations.

Where they screwed up was not giving Navy Seals Tyrone Woods and Glen Doherty the script. Those guys thought it was a real attack by real enemies and fought like Tasmanian Devils to the bitter end… taking down A LOT of towel-ey-bans before finally being overwhelmed by a gazillion of them.

Well, the towel-ey-bans figured sleazeballs Klinton and Ohbummer lied to them (cuz that’s what they do to everyone), were extremely pissed that so many cousins were killed, so they killed Stevens and the other Americans, flaunting the dead bodies in their end-zone victory parade.

Oh crap! Damage control time. No heroic story for the gay Kenyan presidential poser or secretary of state Hitlary the mob princess. Sweep under the rug time. This never happened.

While they did not get their heroic tales added to their resume’s, they also did not get their well-deserved tar, feathers, pitchforks or nooses.

What did happen, while incidental to the schemers, was a very ugly end to lives that were worth a million times more than those of the conspirators.