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9-11 things I’ll not soon forget

I’ll start my list with the event name itself. It seemed like a stupid thing to call the package of things that happened that day, but all major media outlets and all leading politicians immediately started calling it “Nine Eleven”… kind-of like reading from a script.

It would be a decade before I was far enough down the rabbit hole to realize how much the perpetrators love their numerology, and that the timing of the big show was particularly special to them.

Speaking of reading from scripts, the BBC talking heads were in front of a live feed of WTC 7 burning when they announced the collapse of the building a long time ahead of its ultimate demolition.

There are videos of a NYC official warning everyone away from Building 7 (the one that was not hit by an airliner) saying, “They’re going to pull it. Get back. Get back.” That phrase is used in controlled demolition, not office furniture fires.

Mayor Rudy Guiliani cordoned of the wreckage and shipped it offshore before any investigation could take place. Most debris was dumped in deep water ocean, but some recyclables went to China. His reward was being allowed to run for President, but he was wildly unpopular.

Lucky Larry Silverstein was another with solid insider status. He owned The Twin Towers for 9 months, took out a rare insurance policy against “terrorist attacks”, then collected full value TWICE – once for each attack. Low down payment with HUGE payoffs. He also missed his weekly breakfast at the top of the tower that day.

Speaking of odd scheduling, NORAD was running a drill that very day simulating hijacked airliners being flown around Northeastern cities to be crashed into buildings for fun and profit. Calls to NORAD were assumed to be part of the exercise.

There was a famous “let’s roll” cell phone conversation from Flight 93 moving 400 miles an hour, FIVE miles up… WAY BEYOND the range and capabilities of 2001 cell phones, but the call, “Hi Mom … you believe me, don’t you?” was just as clear as if he was on the ground right by a cell tower.

And the wreckage of 93, just like that at The Pentagon, had no tail sections, no engines, no seats, no fuselauges, no landing gear, no luggage and no passports.

I mention the last because the FBI famously tracked one of the hijacking terrorists by finding his passport in the (unexamined) WTC Twin Tower wreckage. Pretty hard to forget that one. The special super-hot 9-11 jet fuel that melted structural steel beams wasn’t hot enough to damage a passport. The airline black boxes … uh … too fragile to survive.

Within two hours of the Pentagon blast, guys waving government IDs collected every security camera within many miles of the crash site that could have a view of “the airliner” that hit. None of those clips ever reappeared. It took significant fore-planning to know where all those cameras were and have teams collecting them all within two hours.

But they missed a couple of hand-helds that weren’t planned for. Not only no airliner parts in the wreckage and a hole impossible to make with an airplane, but video clips of a cruise missle flashing into the accounting offices that were investigating Rumsfield’s missing 2.3 TRILLION DOLLARS, killing all of the accountants who knew anything about it and destroying the evidence they had pulled together. Of course everybody forgot 9/10 about then.

I could keep going, but I did this half a dozen years ago. Check out my 9-11-2001 page linked under the heading “False Flags” over on the right column. Or just go there from this link:

There are links to numerous organizations still investigating that fateful day from multiple points of genuine expertise. We know much of what happened and many who were involved. Most of those are still alive, and still in power. They really deserve full credit for what they did.