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Dr. Copper on our economic future

Economists call the spot price of copper, “Dr. Copper” because it is such a reliable indicator of our economy. The metal is used in manufacturing, construction, automobiles, electronics … darn-near all the hard goods created in our world have significant copper content.

When producers stop ordering copper, supply-and-demand makes it cheaper. Plunging copper prices are a sure indicator that production has slowed down. Next up will be laying off human employees which will reduce incomes, in turn reducing demand for manufactured stuff.

On a related note, the money manipulators, also known as central banks, and locally as the Feral Reserve, are cheapening world currencies to keep the economies artifically alive. The downside to that response is that each yen, euro, yuan, and dollar already out there becomes worth less and less … in a downward slide on their way to worthless.

The knowledgeable response is to move cash reserves into forms of currency that have withstood thousands of monetary manipulations and hundreds of economic collapses – that is gold and silver.

As money, stock and bond investments move into gold and silver, demand for those metals goes up. Supply-and-demand rules take over and *VoilĂ * their prices go up while availability shrinks… in exact proportion to the currency value declines.

Some say the banksters won’t be able to continue kicking this can down the road … that their gluttonous party WILL COME TO AN END someday.

Is their someday coming up this time?