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great skies

Belay that!

Bitterroot sky from my front yard 4/27/16

I waited A LONG TIME to believe the chemtrails had actually stopped. Then I post my elation … tempered with suspicion they might not have really stopped.

Up goes my post. Six hours later, up go the chemtrails.


Cancel the first timid steps of my happy dance.


Here is the post that apparently brought the chemtrails back to Big Sky Country:

I have been yammering about the milky, streaked, nano-particle-polluted skies for years. My first of 76 posts under the Bitterroot Bugle category geoengineering was a lead-in to a really solid video proof of the process: natural news TV By Ted Dunlap, on January 30th, 2014

That is five and a half years of doing my best to collate and disseminate compelling evidence about the poisoning of our planet done by the psychopaths in charge for reasons we can only guess at, but that make absolutely no sense to those who appreciate the planet Earth and nature thereupon.

One of my favorite ways to explain the chemtrail phenominon is to say, “Look UP”. That’s it. How can anybody actually look at the skies and not see the lines and grids being sprayed on us all?

Amazingly, some can look but not see. Them I don’t worry about. They will stumble through every aspect of their lives looking without seeing.

Ah, but the good news…

Look UP


Real blue. Not that phony milky aluminum/barium/strontium nano-particle whitewashed blue. The REAL THING

I have been noticing for ten days … two weeks … It is hard to know for sure. Over the years a day, maybe two would go by without spray planes, but never more than that. The near daily, somewhat constant overflights had me wishing to take them down by magic, wishes or SAMs, but nothing worked. None for one day was not significant. Two days was nice. Three days without spray planes was different. A whole week – WOW! Something has changed.

That takes me to the Trump team and the non-stop attacks by all the deep state resources. We skywatchers have said, “I will believe Trump is different when the chemtrails stop.”

Have they really?

I’m waiting for the other shoe to drop. It is really hard to believe. But there are the blue skies right over my head. Skywatchers around the USofA report the same.

That’s some mighty irrefutable evidence.

P.S. Take note of what blue skies look like. Memorize that shade of blue. It could be a rare space between psychopathic rulers giving us the opportunity to see it again.

P.P.S. They are still spraying grids over the Northern Pacific Ocean that I watch regularly, and unnaturally steering the weather patterns with those and their HAARP charges (See my articles on the GOES-17 satellite images.) Charitably I grant there may be some merit in trying to undo decades of destruction, but my suspicions will not rest while the evidence of geo-meddling is so clear.