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herd immunity is real

This is an outstanding video. It is very definitely not the shrill, radical anti-vax you often hear, but a high level scientist who talks about what Merck does right, about the level of responsibility and dedication among the scientists and other Merck workers, AND where that breaks down.

He simply has questions that need answers. Since those answers do not exist, he won’t use vaccines, and has not for himself or his family.

“Scientist Jorge Araujo says that quality controls and all-important safety practices are simply not there at Merck pharmaceuticals, one of the “Pharma Five” that dominates the vaccine producing industry. This scientist may not work at Merck right now, but when he did, there simply were not any signs of “robust science” to be found, and that’s why he refuses to stick needles full of genetically mutated viruses, foreign animal proteins and mercury into his children’s muscle tissue.

Araujo’s wife is a nurse and she completely agreed that it’s simply not safe. In fact, vaccines are very dangerous and experimental, but still the CDC pushes them all on the country full of naïve “patients for life” with the big slogan LIE that claims they’re all always “safe and effective.”

You will note two things throughout the video:
1) Araujo is very respective of the people, Merck , his career with them, and still is today
2) He is very much a thorough, knowledgeable, patient, rational and articulate source on the subject of vaccines and pharmaceuticals

Towards the end of the video he explains that “Herd Immunity” is very real, and exactly what it is … and is not.

For obvious reasons, this video is likely to be pulled. If it is not here, understand that it was contrary to what the rulers wanted you to see. Catch it while you can.

Thank you Natural News for the video. A link to the article where it was published is here:

Merck’s former LEAD Supervisor for Vaccine Safety NEVER vaccinates his own children due to sterility concerns