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good news for YouTube-ers

The ugly giants of the Internet are going to suffer a setback in their Absolute Power.

– power corrupts – absolute power corrupts absolutely –

Prior to the 2016 election the Internet superpowers had their secret meeting to manage the Hitlary coronation outted. Those crafty bastards not only flexed their muscles to control us, THEY LOST.

Determined to avoid losing again, they upped their game with more meetings and ‘improved schemes’.

The good news is that the best and brightest are not attracted to working under the thumbs of totalitarians. Independent thinking and action attract the best among us. Therein lies the weakness in all who would rule the world. Their compulsion to control and subordinate all around them is their undoing.

It appears that the Google YouTube subsidiary is going to change … not by choice, but without any choice.

There are some serious guns aimed at their heads. Watch the last few minutes. They are most significant. Fast forward if you become impatient.