T-REX is a nationwide, scenario-based, grid-down emergency communications exercise developed and sponsored by AmRRON. Discuss with your family or group and prepare to join thousands of others for a three-day weekend of scenario-based training specifically developed with heavy emphasis on emergency communications in mind.


The T-REX 19 SOI has been released; T-REX 2019 S.O.I. V1.1 (Companion to AmRRON S.O.I. V3) PDF
Note: This is a companion to the Communications SOI V3.

Early this morning, several nuclear power facilities throughout the U.S. report cyber-attacks on their PLC’s and resultant reactor “scrams”.  These attacks were accompanied by widespread internet outages and cell phone service lost in several regions of the country.
24 July 2019 EXERCISE EXERCISE EXERCISE***Liberty State Beacon - In a press release earlier today from the Securities Exchange Commission, authorities announced they were still working to restore all brokerage accounts after Monday's lockdown.  While they are working diligently to resolve the problem an immediate resolution has not been identified and may require a shutdown of financial activity on the NYSE and other commodity exchanges.  Across the world, financial exchanges are reacting to the announcement with record losses.  Currency exchanges are fluctuating and the dollar is down by 40%.  In other news, sources near a nuclear power plant in Georgia report rumors of a reactor “scram” as a result of a failed PLC and false data.  Officials from the plant indicate they had some unusual readings and shut the plant down for recalibration but there is no immediate danger to the public.  They expect the system to be operational again within 48 hours.  Additionally in the East, power plants remain at reduced power output.   Several South Eastern cities are having intermittent internet outages and Cell phone companies have announced that several of their regional hubs have been hit by a cyber-virus.EXERCISE EXERCISE EXERCISE***
 EXERCISE EXERCISE***** Due to the threats to the recently reported cyber attacks on banking and infrastructure computer systems, we are raising the AmCON to Level-4.  There is an increased risk to the telecommunications grid across the United States.  Inventory all communications gear, update software, print reference documents, and participate in all scheduled AmRRON nets to ensure your station is ready for service. EOM EXERCISE EXERCISE*****

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23 July 2009 EXERCISE EXERCISE EXERCISE*** Liberty State Beacon - Earlier today, multiple inside sources reported repeated attacks into commercial and private computer systems by an unconfirmed nation state.  One of these sources, going by the code name "Big Al", indicated a mutating computer virus has infected computer systems across the nation.  "Big Al" reportedly works for a large bank in the IT Watch Center and has proof of this worm.  He indicates that teams are in place to eradicate the worm but by the time they identify the virus, it has mutated and cloned itself to prevent eradication.  Big Al stated that people should do everything they can to have cash on hand because things were going to become very bad, very soon.  END T-REX TRAFFIC***

22 July 2009 Exercise,Exercise,Exercise 
///MSG/// Liberty State Beacon - Today the Securities Exchange Commission announced both the New York Stock Exchange and the Chicago Mercantile will delay opening for two hours to address cyber security measures. Sources internal to several brokerages report numerous locked accounts and are aggressively pursuing a solution. Clients of these brokerages are urged to remain calm and delay access to accounts until a fix is announced. In a press release from the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, Chairman Maury Fifer promises the public that “everything is stable and not to do anything rash.” Mr. Fifer wants to remind the public that large withdraws from banks will only create more panic and lead to further instability. Patriot sources urge the public to have plenty of cash on hand as a reserve.Exercise, Exercise, Exercise. ///END OF MSG//
15 July 2009 Exercise,Exercise,Exercise-Traffic . 
///MSG/// The Department of Homeland Security has issued a warning advising all commercial and public internet users to be vigilant for possible cyber intrusion into commercial cyber controllers, Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs), and internet servers. All commercial and public internet users are advised to review the following document: https://ics-cert.us-cert.gov/content/overview-cyber-vulnerabilities 
Exercise, Exercise, Exercise. ///END OF MSG//
09 July 2019 AmRRON AIB (via HF DIGITAL NETS)
///MSG/// AmRRON Intelligence Brief\09 July 2019\Current AmCON: Level 4.
Greetings to all AmRRON operators. The Trex19 planning team has been working on this years scenario for several months now. The 2 week pre-exercise period begins this Friday 7/12. Stay tuned for developments via AIB's, statreps and up to the minute news on the AmRRON Team App. 
Let's make this the best Trex exercise ever. Have a great day, TREX PLANNING TEAM/////////

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This year’s T-REX is primarily centered around a cyber attack on PLC’s (programmable logic controllers). These small devices provide computer control of many of our industrial and infrastructure mechanical devices. You may remember the “STUXNET” virus that struck Iran’s nuclear program. The virus attacked PLC’s that controlled the speed of uranium centrifuges and caused them to spin out of control resulting in failure and damage to the centrifuges. It is hypothesized that the STUXNET virus was introduced into the Iranian computers through a compromised USB drive.

In addition to the cyber attack on the PLC’s, this T-REX will incorporate other types of cyber attacks into commercial infrastructure and ATM’s, medical devices and communications services.

The following link will give a good overview on how to prevent cyber intrusion into infrastructure devices and is worth reading. Overview of Cyber Vulnerabilities

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Cyber Armageddon book series by Author Mark Goodwin

When a new breed of computer virus takes down America’s financial network, chaos and violence erupt. Access to cash disappears and credit cards become worthless. Desperate consumers are left with no means to purchase food, fuel, and basic necessities. Society melts down instantly and the threat of starvation brings out the absolute worst humanity has to offer.