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way down the rabbit hole

The following Q video is not for everybody. The whole ‘Q phenomena’ stretches the imagination of normal people far beyond the rational world. It took me decades from a huge array of sources live, print, audio and video to accept much of it. I still cannot embrace all, but now temper my incredulity with a large measure of humility.

I have been exposing and railing against the chemtrails and geoengineers for years. You can see that by checking the geoengineering category on my left column.

As I watch the show put on by The Trump Team and its increasingly discombobulated enemies I was figuring the chemtrail war against nature would have to wait for consolitation of power and greater weakness among our enemies than had yet been achieved. Either that, or the new boss was not going to be THAT much different from the old boss.

This video indicates otherwise. It is full of all the woo-woo stuff that the non-Q audience laughs at. If you are among them, don’t bother watching. If you are open to the possibilities, lean back and imagine it may just be possible… some or all, your choice.