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Amazon strike

Today is the beginning of a two-day event for the retail giant. It is a major sale with surprisingly low prices on select items and commensurate large volume. The employees are celebrating this with three-hour-long strikes on each shift.

This is the union and mandatory minimum wage supporters’ mentality. The world is full of ways to earn food and shelter, but these folks act as if they are chained to their job with punishing the provider of their paychecks as the only way to gain improved working conditions.

Amazon has an annual fee program they call “Amazon Prime” where there is no minimum order to earn “free 1-day shipping”. Most of us living in the hinterlands do that subscription as even the big city over an hour away cannot compare in price and selection to Amazon.

On the other hand, TANSTAAFL … Many of us fully understand that their business model includes accumulating information on our purchases and buying habits for fun and profit. Thus I have no sympathy with them and always take the two-day delivery promised rather than letting them off the hook.

Except today. I ordered a few things I was planning to buy on my next Costco run and told Amazon they could take their time delivering. I have neither patience with or sympathy for whiny, ignorant snowflakes.

Belay That!

I just changed my order to 1-day-shipping

I like Big Brother even less.