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The dunderheads are at war with civilization. We put up with the Clintons, Bushes 1 and 2, LBJ, even the gay Kenyan, but they cannot stand another moment with Trump as president.

Heck, he is not close to the worst half dozen in my lifetime; perhaps among the better ones. But FERSHUR nothing about him warrants well over 1,000 days of full-time assault by the vocal, otherwise-unemployed, vapid radicals, the presstitutes and the handlers of them all.

Nevertheless, he poses some kind of astronomical threat to the previous long-running ruling elite. I don’t see it. He seems to do much as they did outwardly. More wars. More taxes. More jackbooted thugs.

It sure is hard from the cheap seats to see why they have not let up on attacking Trump. But there it is. An enemy of my enemy is my friend … perhaps. Fershur less awful.

Okay, so this Home Depot millionaire mentions his support of The Donald. THAT’S IT. A hate Home Depot campaign bursts onto the scene.

I bought my first Dixie Chicks CD for just about this reason. Home Depot will be getting some business from me soon. I haven’t figured out the pretext yet, but I’m coming.

Of course the snowflakes and daisies weren’t buying a lot of tools and construction material to begin with. Home Depot may lose 0.001% of sales. A boycot of Victoria’s Secrets or Pampered Chef, now THAT would hurt.

– Ted


Home Depot Founder Slams Liberal Boycott

The co-founder of hardware supply giant Home Depot says he was disappointed and angry to learn of the liberal boycott against his company after he vowed to donate more than $110 million to various charities — and some to Trump 2020.

In a ticked-off Facebook post Wednesday, Bernie Marcus, 90, said he was saddened by the boycott, which actually hurts his thousands of employees more than anything.

“I woke up this morning thinking it was going to be another great day,” Marcus’ post reads. “I’ve been celebrating with friends, family and the community since I turned 90… All that happiness blew up because I said in a newspaper interview that I have supported and will continue to support Donald Trump.”

Marcus was referring to an interview he did with the the Atlanta Journal-Constitution last month, where he divulged plans make Trump’s re-election campaign one of his beneficiaries.

But rather than receive good news stories about his generous philanthropy, Marcus says he was instead greeted with ire and news of the boycott.

“Boom! Negative stories… vicious threats, without cause, to boycott the company that has enabled my foundation to give billions to support autism, medical research, education, heart and neurological issues like stroke, and to help our veterans. … The people who work there are affiliated with both political parties or no party at all … Why would people want to hurt them?”

“All because I give my voice and some of my money to our President,” Marcus stated, asking if America had become a dictatorial country.

“Am I in China? Argentina? Russia? That’s what it feels like to me.”

Marcus said he was saddened “that our country has come to this, where I, as a private citizen, cannot express my feelings.”

“It angers me and it saddens me, but it sure as hell is not going to stop me,” he emphasized.

“If you thought it would, you’ve got the wrong guy. In the next ten years, God willing, I will accomplish more to save this world than my critics will do even if they had forty lifetimes.”

During his interview with the Journal-Constitution, Marcus said he liked Trump because the country was better off now than during the last administration.

“Now, do I agree with every move that he makes? No, I don’t,” Marcus said. “But the truth is he has produced more than anybody else. He has. If we look at this country, I would say that we are better off today than we were eight years ago or six years ago.”