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I subscribe to Forward Observer and check that website for news and analysis. It is conservative in the cautious about making unsubstantiated or speculative statements sense of that word. Samuel Culper observes radical statements and movements without awarding undue relevance to them.

The article below was a significant part of his Early Warning series that he sends to his subscribers regularly. The Internet news sources are publishing a great deal about the globalist-funded violence by the easily led against those who are resisting the socialist/statist USofA takeover. There are plenty of people ready to out-violence the increasingly vicious “anti-fascists”.

While the antifi are politically and culturally ignorant beyond belief they are indeed a force to be considered primarily because they do have significant support in many political powerful seats. They are obviously a weapon of governors, mayors and other elected oaf-fishals.



Culture War

The sentiment on right wing social media has shifted after last weekend’s Second Battle of Portland and the multiple attacks against Andy Ngo. Right wing activist Joe Biggs used Twitter to call for overt violence against Antifa during the next rally in Portland, which he proposed for 17 August. His account was later banned for violating Twitter terms of service on promoting violence. In a follow up post on Parler, Biggs writes, “These streets are American streets. This country belongs to us, not socialists, not communists. We will take the streets every where antifa thinks they run shit. We will find out and we will outnumber you… I took a oath years ago. To protect my country against enemies foreign and domestic. That time has come.” Biggs is an Iraq war veteran and has been active in numerous protests and rallies in previous years. Meanwhile, others have also encouraged violence, moving beyond just self-defense, during the next square off with Antifa. The attack on journalist Andy Ngo could represent a significant turning point for the relatively low level violence associated with these competing rallies and protests. (Ngo, by the way, has an opinion piece in today’s edition of the Wall Street Journal. I haven’t read it yet, but I will.)

There’s a growing number of commentaries on Alt-Right blogs and videos on YouTube on “Civil War 2,” in which commenters appear serious about attacking the power grid in order to effect a ‘die off’ on the liberal coasts. I can’t say for sure that these people are serious, but the sentiment is clearly there. On one of my own videos about “Civil War 2,” I received several cryptic messages about such an attack. Needless to say, it would not only be devastating for the entire country — including red states — but it would also be an invitation for exploitation by our peer and near-peer competitors like Russia and China. Numerous commentaries have pointed out how vulnerable the power grid is and, more specifically, how a “handful of riflemen” could cause widespread power outages through attacks on power stations, causing damage that would not be easily or quickly repaired.

In another perspective, a 4chan /pol/ poster this morning discusses demographic change in America and the decline of the white population, saying, “By 2030, America’s biggest group of whites will be less than half of its current size, even as we suck in a million legal immigrants per year (few of them white) and an unknown number of illegals. American politics will become unrecognizable compared to today. It’s going to be highly tribalized. Lots of old ‘traditions’ that Americans once held sacred will be tossed right out. This is the future. Get ready for it.”

Between Antifa violence, demographic change and its implications on future politics, and how far Left the Democratic Party is going (i.e., providing free healthcare to illegal immigrants), there’s definitely a sense in far right social media that action is required. I’ve never been more certain that our current low intensity conflict will worsen. The next economic recession that puts many of these people out of work is likely to be a significant accelerator of conflict.

And I have no further information on this latest joint warning from the FBI and DHS about the potential for terror attacks over the Fourth of July holiday. According to an FBI spokesman, there is no credible threat of an attack, and the bulletin served as a warning that “domestic” or “homegrown” terrorists could target “soft targets” like crowds and parades.

The video at its home site in full context with all related links and documents: