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reverse polarity

One would think the ideal candidate for POTUS would attract the most votes. That is not the pattern we have experienced.

Something like 46% of those eligible actually vote in an election. The vast majority of those are quite predictable and sadly controllable. They self-define as Republican or Democrat. Though many claim to “vote for the person, not the party”, they rarely vote anything other.

What keeps them from straying is reverse polarity.

Magnetic polarity has the north attracting the south; the positive attracting the negative. Reverse polarity is when you push north to north or south to south and the magnets repel each other.

It is a contest among the slightly less ugly of the two. One does not ATTRACT VOTES the other repels them. Not that there aren’t other candidates running, but as long as the masses think there are only two choices, that’s what we have.

That contest obviously excludes those who would be ATTRACTED to a good candidate. Oh well. Most of us gave up on that dream.

Of course we now have the social media monopolies replacing the print/broadcast media monopolies. Googoo, yaw-who, faceplant and the other creations of massive money and influence have quite publicly pronouced that Trump is the enemy. They will do everything in their power to polarize against his reelection… no matter what thing is on the other side.

Interestingly, the other side in this case is demonstrating ZERO knowledge of failed socialist, communist, fascist, totalitarian examples throughout the last century. The twenty or so candidates racing to be The Democrat Party’s candidate are all trying to outdo each other in giving other people’s money away. Amazingly, this is led by the “founts of knowledge” inhabitating our college and university system. Economics and History were somehow removed from their curriculums.

If you are ignorant, free stuff is hard to resist. Heck, some will find it attractive. The rest of us, as in those who will be tasked with providing that there free stuff, will find it revolting.

Speaking of which, revolution of the hosts against the parasites might be coming soon to a theater near you.