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How to Build the Perfect Bug Out Bag

The title is almost ubiquitous. Every prepper author is tempted to use the phrase, but I am not so sure any of them should. There is no “perfect” that can cover very many different people and situations. I am publishing bits and links because it is a good one and I want it here for my future reference. Good enough for me implies good enough to share with you.

The article excerpts below and title above come from Backdoor Survival .com.

One thing I really liked was the acronym and organization here. The article has a lot more that you should check out when you are in the mood for considering bug out preparations.



While many understand the concept behind the bugout, it’s much harder to understand when to bugout. The acronym REDOUT gives you some clear examples of when it’s time to hit the road.


No matter how much you store there could come a time when resources start to run out. You will need to decide to run for more supplies or run for the hills.

Don’t make this decision after you have run out because then you are out of all options. Start thinking about what you will do now.


Is the immediate environment a threat to your life? If so, you need to consider moving away from that threat.


Do you have a BOL (Bug Out Location)? You need a place to go or a bug out location, if you are going to leave your home. Otherwise you are just going to be a target.


Have you come against overwhelming force? This could be in the form of something like criminals and thieves or worse, Martial Law.


While we like to assume that we are all prepared for every event, we could face something unexpected. If you are unprepared for the threat at hand you might be better off heading to your chosen bugout location that is stocked with supplies and easier to defend.


Perhaps you are holding your own for now, but the threat is increasing? There could come a time when the flood waters rise too high or the fire is too close.


Click on the link below to see the extensive, thoughful article that surrounds the little bit above.


How to Build the Perfect Bug Out Bag