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at the edge of civil war

I keep reading it from numerous watchers: The cultural and economic destroyers keep pushing without meeting significant resistance. Yet resistance is building up. They continue to add pressure to the baloon. It will either burst from over-stress, or a pin-prick incident. The results will be ugly.

Here is one such concise look at the situation from the Raconteur Report.

“If the president was brought down for whatever reason, it could lead to a civil war. There are millions of people out there that voted for President Trump that are behind him that are angry and they are mad.” – Rev. Franklin Graham

“And they have 600M guns, 1T rounds of ammunition, a blistering case of chapped hindquarters, and a dearth of patience for this continued mountain of bullsh rose fertilizer.” – Aesop

I have not been shy nor obscure in posting multiple times on multiple blogs that impeaching the president for nothing but one party’s bile and temper tantrum, absent any sound legal basis (much like any de facto repeal of the 1st or 2nd Amendments) would be tantamount to an open declaration that civil war was now authorized by all parties, and the body stacking would commence in earnest.

Color me not very shocked that Rev. Graham apparently sees things much the same way, from clear over on the other side of the country, and amidst a far different circle of acquaintances than any I inhabit most days.

We’ve seen how communist moonbats roll from Russia 1917 to Venezuela yesterday, and we won’t be waiting for our boarding passes for the boxcars. Folks are more than likely going to simply go hunting for the would-be conductors of those trains, and punch their tickets before they even get up a head of steam.

And if TPTB are very, very fortunate, the next step won’t be to nip things in the bud for the next 50 years by going after their families and children too, just because.

Historically speaking, once Madame Guillotine gets rolling, she has a fearsome appetite, and those tumbrel carts don’t have any brakes.

More than one person has expressed the desire to hurry things along in that direction, just to get it over with.

Beyond this Rubicon, there be dragons.

Tread gently, Leftards.

Franklin Graham warns impeachment could spark civil war; calls on Christians to pray for Trump tomorrowfrom Fellowship Of The Minds

Evangelist Franklin Graham, 66, son of the late Billy Graham, is calling on Christians worldwide to pray for President Trump tomorrow, a “special day of prayer”. Graham specifically asks pastors across America to lead their congregations in prayer for the president during Sunday services, Sunday school, and other gatherings.

More than 300 Christian leaders have given Graham their support. But other Christian leaders, such as Alan Cross, criticize Graham for politicizing and using prayer to engender partian support for Trump.

In a phone interview with Christian Post, Graham explains: “I am not asking people to endorse him [Trump]. That is not that point of this prayer. This is not an election year. So I don’t see how it could be political. He is the president. People have voted for him. He is in office and he is carrying out the duties of the presidency. He needs our prayers.”