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census cometh

This morning I found tracks from the US Census Bureau checking me out online. Here we go again.

That Big Brother has my whole life on file already won’t stop them from DEMANDING I answer four pages of questions for the 2020 census. They remain ever hopeful of finding some juicy tidbit heretofore overlooked.

I had to go back to to find the saga of my interactions with them last round. It might be coming up again for me … or thee. Prepare thyself.

Below is a link to my original post, an exact copy of it, and at the bottom, a link to my follow up post.

found my line

By Ted, on September 21st, 2010

Many of us have wondered where their line in the sand is. At what point do you finally stop retreating?

The U.S. Census folks sent us a four-page form in, I think, April. We returned it completed with the information the U.S. Constitution required them to collect every decade: TWO. There are 2 people living here.

They have been doing their share to keep the unemployment numbers low by sending various people here ever since. Always cordial, always pleasant and always leaving without a fuss having accomplished nothing more. We continue to answer “Two”.

Then Friday night, September 17th I find a FedEx package on my doormat when I get home from work. Inside is a one-page letter from the US Census citing some federal code that supposedly tells me, “YOU MUST COMPLY” – You MUST tell us everything we want to know.

I researched Idaho code online. We spent the next morning before work posting NO TRESPASSING signs for a subset of the human race on either side of our driveway. I painted a line across our driveway entrance between the two signs.

NO. I am not adding anything further to their database voluntarily. I have found my line in the sand (and painted the dang thing right onto our asphalt).

I considered armed resistance to trespassers, but am outnumbered for that to work out well.

I am fortunate in having a very strong “IN” with the bail bonds industry.

I re-read the fourth amendment in The Bill of Rights to help refresh my memory on the exact wording of the real law governing the U.S. Census:

The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated …

I don’t know why this line is mine. There are plenty of usurpations and over-reach to be offended by. But there it is. I am finally ready to endure kidnapping and harassment for a cause. I’m also planning to take names and do whatever I can to make the individuals involved pay any debt they choose to incur.

The text of our signs:
And any agents or affiliates thereof:


Per Idaho Code 18-7011
Violators subject to fine and imprisonment

As we have told you repeatedly, two people live here and have since you began your constitutionally mandated 2010 census. We have been pleasant on every visit, but your last correspondence indicated a change in our relationship. You are no longer welcome visitors. If you trespass, we will call the police and we will press charges.

found my line – update

By Ted, on September 21st, 2010