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SHTF surprises

Selco is one of the most famous Been-There-Done-That preppers and survivors of SHTF available to us today. His experiences could fill a book … and in fact filled several that are not only educational, but could be pivotal in an uncertain future. The following article was copied from Natural Blaze with all due respect. Check them out by clicking on the link above.   The 5 Things That Will Surprise You Most When the SHTF   By Selco This is an excerpt from Selco’s book, The Dark Secrets of SHTF Survival. This weekend, you can get all 5 of Selco’s books in PDF for only $25.  CLICK HERE. I recently ran one of my newest courses, called “A Mile in […]

understanding money

In a free world adults work for what they need that they and their family may thrive. A modern healthy society has exchange systems so one person’s strengths may be traded with what others produce to barter or sell. In our case grown-ups earn money that buys necessities and pleasures. Two kinds of people spend others’ money, politicians and children. Both require supervision. When I was young we all grew up understanding that we received the food, shelter and clothing our parents deemed necessary to our survival. Anything we wanted beyond that came from our own efforts, our own earnings, and our own savings. Whining and begging was ignored or rebuked. We grew with what worked. The resulting society was […]

reverse polarity

One would think the ideal candidate for POTUS would attract the most votes. That is not the pattern we have experienced. Something like 46% of those eligible actually vote in an election. The vast majority of those are quite predictable and sadly controllable. They self-define as Republican or Democrat. Though many claim to “vote for the person, not the party”, they rarely vote anything other. What keeps them from straying is reverse polarity. Magnetic polarity has the north attracting the south; the positive attracting the negative. Reverse polarity is when you push north to north or south to south and the magnets repel each other. It is a contest among the slightly less ugly of the two. One does not […]

Why prep?

Do not let blind faith in never-ending economic, cultural and political stability deter you from making efforts to be prepared for dramatic changes. I had made note of the following article quite a while back, but it is timeless so I share it now. This Picture and Video Explain Exactly Why Doomsday Preppers Are Getting Ready For An Imminent Collapse Mac Slavo   For years the mainstream media and their following of myrmidons have made a joke out of those who have taken time, effort and money to prepare their homes, assets and families for “Doomsday” scenarios that may include anything from financial collapse to natural disasters. For those who laugh at “preppers” it boils down to the belief […]

young bodies adapt to cell phone use

They are changing our culture, behavior and thinking. Apparently growing, forming young bodies also physically adapt to the head-down position. While fear of growing bone spurs won’t deter kids from their use it is one more proof of their excessive fixation with their stupid phones. Young People Are Growing Bone Spur “Horns” From Smartphone Use Mac Slavo   Australian researchers have found odd bone spurs growing out of the skulls of young people. These “horns” are said to be due to the increasing use of smartphones. Since the research was published, unusual formations have captured the attention of Australian media, and have variously been dubbed “head horns” or “phone bones” or “spikes” or “weird bumps.” Each is a […]

what grown-ups see

The Kid wants to sport a nose ring…sigh. — She is unfortunately normal. — The trajectory is not good. — The age group that should be productive and energetic is lazy and useless. — Appearances mean everything to them. — Acceptance by peers means EVERYTHING. — Peers include older people who never left school (aka: teachers). — A handful escape. — That handful is the future.

gotta get a college education

“Colleges are a great repository of wisdom. The incoming freshmen bring a little with them, and the graduating class take none when they leave.” — anonymous I’ve been cogitating on how to express it, but lately wanting to rage at the rage of sending absolutely everyone to “get a college education”.  Those in the know call it extended indoctrination, but the ruling class has been smashingly successful at selling it as a brass ring rather than the brass farthing it actually is. What far too many college graduates end up with nowadays at the end of four or more years out of the prime of their lives are huge inescapable debts and employment at entry level jobs requiring an elementary […]

SF … lucky us, we don’t have to live there

The lunacy is widespread, no let’s truthfully call it “pervasive”. Rational is a word only the mathematicians around there can use in regards to one set of numbers compared to another. Rational is completely unrelated to how they live their lives. An article in American Thinker brought this to mind today, but it merely piggybacks on San Francisco being the property crime capital of the world AND the human feces on the sidewalk capital as well. There, homelessness, which is actually a mis-diagnosed drug addiction problem is rapidly taking over the entire city. I posted a great video study on this situation in April: homelessness, unemployment and immigration It is NOT a homelessness problem as widely portrayed, but a drug […]

USofA bull in the China closet

A lot of China and a lot of bull are involved, but these two major global powers are doing a deadly dance that will serve none of us well. Not paying attention to the potential impact on YOUR LIFE from games the elite echelon are playing is deliberate ignorance… and unhealthy for long term survival. Of course pretending you can have an impact on the trajectory is equally foolish. They are going to do what they are going to do with or without your permission. A former Massachusetts congressman is perhaps most famous today for saying “all politics is local” (or, perhaps, “all politics are local”; I’ve seen it written both ways). Here’s the Wikipedia explanation of the saying: The […]

The Eisenhower Decision Matrix

The Art of Manliness website has a great article on priority setting and coherently organizing your life. This is not a weak area for me now, but it is nice for me to review and certainly worth sharing here. I am not going to post the article; just a short overview and link. As usual, if you are intrigued, click the link. The website in general and this article in particular are worth investigation. What is important is seldom urgent and what is urgent is seldom important The Eisenhower Decision Matrix: How to Distinguish Between Urgent and Important Tasks and Make Real Progress in Your Life The Difference Between Urgent and Important Urgent means that a task requires immediate attention. […]

summer solstice today

I am keen on the solstices and equanoxes as an anchor to nature and our natural world. I have published a number of articles describing them, but for the summer solstice of 2019 I will share someone else’s. Credit to Popular Mechanics website … a very informative one I often visit. – Ted   Everything You Need to Know About the Summer Solstice And while we’re at it, the winter solstice and equinoxes, too. By Daisy Hernandez Jun 18, 2019   jessicaphotoGetty Images You hear the word solstice all the time. We have the summer solstice coming up on June 21 at 11:54 a.m., and in a few months, the winter solstice (December 21) will be here, too. But what […]

kicking the hornet’s nest

Guard with jealous attention the public liberty. Suspect everyone who approaches that jewel. Unfortunately, nothing will preserve it but downright force. Whenever you give up that force, you are inevitably ruined. — Patrick Henry A good friend and fellow practical philosopher has been regularly telling me over the last few years that It has to break in order to fix the myriad messes that have evolved in our current world human societies. Over the years others who I share mutual respect with have tried to get me into that frame of reference. But that has always been too much for me to accept. I have spent a great deal of myself over the last two decades working to avert exactly […]

How to Build the Perfect Bug Out Bag

The title is almost ubiquitous. Every prepper author is tempted to use the phrase, but I am not so sure any of them should. There is no “perfect” that can cover very many different people and situations. I am publishing bits and links because it is a good one and I want it here for my future reference. Good enough for me implies good enough to share with you. The article excerpts below and title above come from Backdoor Survival .com. One thing I really liked was the acronym and organization here. The article has a lot more that you should check out when you are in the mood for considering bug out preparations. ——————— REDOUT While many understand the […]

oil tanker lies

The Ron Paul Liberty Report coverage of the attacks on the oil tankers points strong suspicion at it being a False Flag event. The Japanese prime minister was having constructive talks with the Iranian leader at the same time SUPPOSEDLY the Iranians torpedoed fuel tankers headed for Japan. When the story makes no sense, look for another story. Here retired congressman Ron Paul discusses the events unfolding. — By the way, when oil supplies are reduced, prices climb. Plan accordingly.